Online Psychic Readings
Crawley, West Sussex

Remote readings are ideal for those who would like or need a reading but do not have the time to come into the shop for a face to face reading. Each reading is carried out by the medium and sent to you as and MP£ recording.

This means you can get on with your day without needing to take trime out to see our medium, nor do you need to speak or wait for a phone call for  the reading itself.

For the reading we just need your name and any question(s) you would like answered – Please choose from one of the three packages below that best meets your requirements.

Currently Mark has completed email readings Worldwide with outstanding results and accuracy.

Email readings will be responded to within 72 hours excluding weekends and bank holidays.

Silver Reading

£ 35
  • Single Question
  • Voice Recorded (MP3 format only)
  • Upto 10 Mins recording

Gold Reading

£ 70
  • up to 3 Questions
  • Voice Recorded (MP3 format only)
  • Upto 10 Mins recording
  • 6 Month General reading included

Platinum Reading

£ 99
  • 5 Questions
  • Voice Recorded (MP3 format only)
  • Upto 20 Mins recording
  • 12 Month General reading included



Mark Howard is an International renowned Spiritual Medium from the UK. He has trained and appeared with some of the UK’s best mediums and is an active lead medium for the Scream Paranormal Investigation team.
He has investigated some of the most haunted locations in the UK including the infamous Black Swan Hotel in Wiltshire and the Black Horse Pub in Pluckley – reported to be the most haunted village in the UK.

During a paranormal investigation at the Cage in Essex, UK, a location which was used to detain “witches” prior to being hanged; Mark indicated to the team that there were bodies buried under the floor. The area of the floor was excavated after the investigation and indeed revealed a number of human remains as Mark had correctly confirmed.

Mark (as with all Psychic Mediums) was born with the gift or foresight (clairvoyance). He is a Mental Medium, Trance and Physcial Medium as part of his natural gifts.

To date, Mark has completed 1000’s of readings across 19 countries around the world.