Pregnancy (Post Natal) Massage
Crawley, West Sussex

Being a new mum can be one of the most fulfilling and emotionally rewarding times of your life. It can also be physically and emotionally stressful. (Often, it can be both at the same time.) Having spent the previous 9 months becoming accustomed to carrying a growing baby, your body now has to readapt to all the bending, lifting, carrying and lowering that comes with caring for a newborn.

You’ll often find yourself dozing or resting in awkward or uncomfortable positions – for most mothers a peacefully sleeping baby is worth a little discomfort. And that’s before we’ve even got to the mental and physical impact of breastfeeding and sleep deprivation.

All of the above can create areas of significant tension through the body – particularly in the back, neck and shoulders. It can also place extra stress on muscles you didn’t know you had.

Your massage therapist will be able to target and release these areas to ease any aches and pains, stretch out tight or sore muscles and help realign your posture. As a result, not only can you recover faster from the effects of pregnancy and childbirth, but you’ll also reduce the risk of strains and injuries that affect so many new mothers.

To have this massage you must be signed off by your midwife or GP. Please check our FAQ’s section before booking your appointment.

Benefits of postpartum massage

While the definition of postpartum massage may not seem like anything special, receiving one can benefit your mood and speed up healing.

Postpartum massages usually include many of the same elements of regular massages. Women who get a massage after giving birth will likely notice numerous benefits to their body and mood that are associated with massage in general.


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Benefits of massage for the postpartum mum include:

  • Reduced swelling. Many mothers find that their body swells during labor. Massaging can help to redistribute water within the body and encourage the draining and circulation of excess fluids.
  • Improved milk production. For moms seeking an increase in their breast milk supply, massage can be a great way to increase circulation and the necessary hormones to make this happen.
  • Hormone regulation. The postpartum body is one of constantly fluctuating hormones. In addition to touch, many massages involve essential oils that may help elevate one’s mood and may encourage hormonal balance.
  • Reduced anxiety and depression. Many new parents experience the “baby blues” or even postpartum depression. Getting a massage can help to decrease stress contributing to these anxious and depressed feelings.
  • Better sleep. Everyone knows new parents need as much sleep as they can get! Massage can help parents relax and get their body ready for deep, restorative sleep.

To have this massage you must be signed off by your midwife or GP.

If you have had a caesarean delivery, talk to both your doctor or midwife. For insurance purposes we will not work on mum’s who have had surgery in the last 6 weeks.

If you have had blood clots in your pregnancy or previously, your doctor will likely have already recommended you avoid massage. Check with your doctor when it is safe to resume massage.

Your therapist can advise you on self-massage techniques and stretching sequences, so you can prolong the positive effects of your treatment. Booking regular massages throughout and following your pregnancy will help to ease your body as it adjusts and recovers.

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My name is Liz Tubb and I am a Complimentary Therapist with ITEC diplomas in Holistic Massage, Indian Head Therapy and Anatomy & Physiology. I am also a Reiki Master and an Angelic Reiki practitioner.

I continue to update my skills in Continuous Professional Development (CPD’s) and also offer Hot Stone therapy, Deep tissue massage, Pregnancy massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Indian Head Massage, Thai foot massage, Accusound and Crystal Therapies.

I have been a therapist since 2006 and volunteered at St Catherine’s Day Hospice in Crawley providing Reiki for cancer patients as well as Reiki and massage for their carers.

​I tailor treatments to meet individual needs and may use one or more therapies to achieve this at no extra charge. I am passionate about my job and aim to do my very best so that you leave feeling calm, relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated/uplifted.

​I am a member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists