Beauty Treatments
Crawley, West Sussex

We offer various relaxing beauty treatments to allow you to take some “ME” time.  Enjoy Holistic therapies & beauty treatments that relax and destress you, promote wellbeing, give & heal you or target your specific beauty needs.  This is a personal and tailored service, designed around your needs.

Treatments we offer include:

Mini Indian Head Massage
Glow on the go
Warm Wax Hand Massage
Ultimate Relax Facial & Hand Massage
Fingers & Toes
Multi-Mix Mask
Crystal Facial
Crystal Facial & Crystal Healing Combo

Session Fees

Crystal Facial – £50 – Our Signature Crystal Facial is amazing. Lay back & relax whilst your face is double cleansed, exfoliated & steamed. Next a mask & a chosen treatment. Focus on eyes & drainage, followed by a soothing crystal massage with chosen facial oil or moisturiser.

Crystal Facial & Crystal Healing Combo Super Saver – £90
This popular ultimate relax and reenergise one-and-a-half-hour treatment. Throughout the facial and massage, Crystal Healing is incorporated. Crystal healing is a holistic, non-invasive, vibrational energy-based system of healing. It treats the whole person and their integrated energy system. It is deeply relaxing & tailored to your needs.

Mini Indian Head Massage – £20 for 20 minutes: A relaxing Indian Head Massage, head & neck only.

Glow on the go: £20 for 20 minutes: Face & hands exfoliation, Deep Hydration Mask & moisturise.

Warm Wax Hand Massage –£18 for 20 minutes Dry Buff & therapeutic warm wax hand massage. Stretch & Appease hand massage dry hands.

Relaxed Treatments:

Ultimate Relax Facial & Hand Massage – £42.50 for 45 Minutes: A relaxing combined facial, steam with head & hand massage.

Fingers & Toes – £35 for 45 Minutes: Dry buff, soak, exfoliation/Scrub, Hands warm wax, massage, Feet moisturise.

Multi-Mix Mask – £30 for 30 Minutes: Exfoliation, Multi-Mask, 3 types of masks tailored to your skins need with head Massage.



CTAA, Beauty Therapist

I run a Beauty Treatment and Holistic Therapy business. I seek to show others natural beauty is real and that they can feel good. Natural is important to me and I am training in Reiki, moving forward towards my aim of be a grand master. I enjoy studying and have recently found I love yoga, & meditation. I also coach drama one to one, part time, always aiming to increase self confidence. Job entails – Beauty therapy & Holistic Treatments, using natural products, (Tropic) & Natural tools (Jade Gusha, Rose/Quartz wand and rollers). I Love to set a relaxing mood for clients, using candles (PartyLite) and aromatherapy.

I love theatre and write black comedy & poetry in my spare time. As a wife and mother or three, life is often challenging, but being a young granny is great. I adore travel and exploring, surprisingly to me, my sense of adventure has only grown with age. My aim everyday is to make someone smile. Namaste.