Stress and Anxiety Management and Recovery

Feelings of stress or anxiety affect at least one in twenty people and can be experienced in different ways.  Common symptoms include:

  • Panic attacks   
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Dizzy spells
  • Restlessness and tension
  • Palpitations   
  • Tiredness
  • Upset or knotted stomach

Fortunately, there are many scientifically proven ways of reducing the effects of stress and anxiety naturally.  Sessions equip you with the skills and confidence to manage and reduce your symptoms.  Firstly, sessions work with empowering you with techniques that you can use anytime to calm down, relax the nervous system, and help you feel more in control.   Secondly, they can help get to the core of the cause and support you in making changes in your life that may also aid in naturally reducing symptoms.  

With a background in holistic health, yoga and meditation, coaching, and my own experience with anxiety, I offer you support and mentoring through a range of skills and techniques.  

Nalini incorporates a mixture of mindfulness, breathwork, body psychology, yoga Nidra, aromatherapy, and calming techniques.  A safe and healing space for you to learn and integrate natural methods that naturally support your well-being.

Session Fees



Women’s Holistic & Wellness Practioner

I’m Nalini, a holistic therapist, menstrual and menopause coach and yoga and meditation teacher.

I can help with many conditions including:

  1. Menstrual and menopause challenges including PMT, pain, hot flushes and emotional challenges
  2. Fertility
  3. Scar healing including Caesarean Birth, breast surgery and joint replacements
  4. Stress and anxiety management
  5. Fibromyalgia and CFS
  6. Sleep issues
  7. Grief and loss


With a background in holistic therapy, women’s coaching, and yoga and meditation, my expertise and experience will support your own healing and fulfilment.  I offer women a safe, healing space, both individually and in groups.  

Whether you’re in the midst of change, have health or emotional issues, or simply need some support in your life, I’m here to help.  Working on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual, my sessions will empower you and help you to move forwards. 

I offer support and natural solutions for menstrual and menopause health, womb healing, emotional well-being, sleep issues and other challenges. 

I hold sessions for natural stress and anxiety management, and can also support you through grief and change.

And though it may sound easy to do, most women find it extremely difficult to find time for themselves and are unable to relax.  This often results in a breakdown of physical or emotional well-being.  I can really empower you to into taking the self-care necessary for a balanced life.  

Combining holistic coaching and therapies, empowerment techniques, and the meditative heart of yoga, sessions are individually tailored for you.  As well as one to one session, I offer a range of classes, workshops and healing women’s circles.