Phlebotomy & Centrifuge Services
Crawley, West Sussex

Phlebotomy also called a blood draw or venepuncture, is an important tool for diagnosing many medical conditions. Blood tests are used to diagnose illness, evaluate the effectiveness of medications, and determine whether a patient is receiving proper nutrition.
Centrifuge is used to separate the components of blood, red blood cells, platelets, and plasma from each other. The red blood cells precipitate to the bottom of the bag, with the platelets above them, then the white blood cells and the plasma at the very top.

A Phlebotomy & Centrifuge service is available at Fountain Therapies. Test kits are ordered via a Physician, Healthcare Professional or Nutritionist we do not hold test kits. If you have any questions about ordering kits, please feel free to call our reception for more information. We partner with Geneva Diagnostics and you can find out more information by visiting to order kits. Other Labs/Suppliers are available please contact them directly and we will carry out blood tests from kits provided by other Labs.

Please note this is a chargeable service, prices start from £30 per kit for blood draws and £45 per kit for Centrifuge and must be paid on day bloods are drawn. Pre-booked appointments must be made as we do not offer a walk-in service. Due to Lab requirements we do not normally offer blood draws on Fridays.



  • Only book your appointment once your test kit has been delivered.
  • Once you receive your kit please open it and check that everything for your blood draw and/or Centrifuge is included. If not please telephone your supplier and let them know if anything is missing. We do not hold spares for any kits.
  • Read the instructions for the patient fully. You may have to freeze samples before your appointment of freeze sampes on the day for transportation.
  • Before you telephone for an appointment please check how many viles are required for your sample and if your samples need to be centrifuge.
  • It is not recommended to book a blood draw for Fridays as Lab’s are closed over the weekend. Please check before booking.
  • At least an hour before your appointment please ensure you drink at least 1 pint of water, even if you have a fasting test, otherwise you may be dehydrated and we may not be able to draw your blood.
  • If you feel faint when having blood drawn please bring a snack with you for afterwards and tell your phlebotomist so we can lay you down if needed to draw blood.
  • Ensure you have ALL your paperwork and kit with you including any samples you may have taken before coming to the clinic.
  • Make sure your courier is booked, we can hold onto samples until the courier arrives however, we cannot book one for you.
  • If you feel unwell or have been sick during the night before your appointment please call and cancel your appointment.
  • When you arrive we will ask you for your paperwork so we can check the requirements and equipement.
  • To get blood drawn, you’ll sit in a chair or lie down. If you have a preference to which arm you want the blood drawn from please let your phlebotomist know. The phlebotomist will ask you to make a fist with your hand. Then they’ll tie a band, called a tourniquet, around your upper arm. This makes your veins pop out a little more, which will make it easier to insert the needle in the right place.
  • If you feel faint when having blood drawn please bring a snack with you for afterwards and tell your phlebotomist so we can lay you down if needed to draw blood.

Sample requirements vary for each test and the necessary patient preparation can also vary. All test kits are supplied with patient requirements and detailed instructions on how to carry out the test. Failure to carry out the test according to the instructions may result in the sample being rejected and a delay in receiving results.

Please note the following:

  • All samples must be returned in the containers provided by the lab or supplier
  • Ensure all containers are secured by sufficiently tightening lids and where necessary placing into the transport container provided
  • All samples must be clearly labelled with full name, date of birth, the time and date that the sample was taken – failure to do this will result in the samples being rejected.
  • All samples must be returned either the same day or next day delivery. Please check with your supplier/Lab 
  • Postal requirements vary with each test and are clearly marked on the test kit instructions, however, Labs strongly advises all samples are couriered or posted by next day delivery to arrive by Friday (many laboratory are closed over weekends and Bank Holidays). Royal Mail offers a Special Delivery and Same Day Delivery Service.  Of course, there are other courier services that you may prefer to use.
  • You need to take your package to the Post Office or contact a courier company and arrange this once the samples are ready for sending back. We can hold onto your sample for the courier to collect. We cannot post/deliver them for you

Session Fees



Advanced Phlebotomist

Layna is an NHS trained Phlebotomist who has been trained to perform Intermediate and Advanced Phlebotomy Techniques, Layna specialises in Paediatric Phlebotomy so no matter how young you are she can put you at ease and explain the process.

We also offer Centrifuge service for all blood test.