Intuitive Art
Crawley, West Sussex

What is Intuitive Art?

Intuitive Art is a combination of skills of perceiving and drawing.  It is a transformational process in which something that is felt/sensed is brought into physical reality.  It helps us to understand that there is more around us than we can see with our two eyes.

Who can benefit from Intuitive Art?

Everyone.  The act of creating and painting has healing benefits both in doing and receiving an image.  My clients are usually those who are already aware of Guardian Angels and would like to know more.  However, prior knowledge and belief are not necessary for this process.  One can be just curious in finding out what this is all about.


~Confidentiality – as a trained counsellor, this is my top priority

~Respect – everyone has free will to choose their own path

~Empathy – a gift from one who understands pain and struggle

~Attunement – fine tuning into your situation, which is unique

~Time – listening to and delivering Angel messages as well as painting

~Exactness – using my portraiture skills to bring as close a likeness as possible

The artist will begin by using intuitive perception to find out which energies are around the client. Oracle cards are used to help “tune in” to the current state of the client, and there will be messages about current situations.

Then once the artist has ascertained the face that is being presented psychically, painting can begin.

The whole process takes just over one hour and the client takes home a watercolour painting at the end.

To close, the client can ask any questions relating to the painting or messages

Session Fees



I am a natural empath, clairvoyant, fine artist, and counsellor. My qualifications are the result of a life long journey and educational process. In 2003 I became an affiliate member of the Clairsentient Body, and organisation that recognises the Sacred Sensitivity of the gift of Empathy. I have qualifications in Reiki, Animal communications, Shamanic work, and the Arts.
In 2008 I launched “Tribal Angel”, a business designed to bring colour and healing into the communication between us and the unseen worlds. My work has led me to do countless Angel readings, and Guardian Angel portraits. I have taught and mentored those who wish to develop their sensitivities.
Working and training with young people, some with disabilities, enables me to practice the deepest compassion for humanity. In my work, I connect always to the intuitive link that joins us all – Love. The heart is like a vehicle that can travel and carry us wherever we need to be in any moment. Unity consciousness allows us all to access information on any topic at any time. Once we understand how to access what we need, we have to bring it into the physical world in a language that is understandable to our peers. Images have no language barrier. So I choose to express mainly in images. When I paint, I am bringing something of the unseen world into the physical world. The quality is without words, a presence that gives comfort to the receiver.