Soft Tissue Massage
Crawley, West Sussex

More than just massage! Restore and maintain the balance of your body with massage, manipulation and movement.
Soft tissue therapy is a clinical and complementary health profession, a manual or hands-on therapy manipulating and moving the body’s soft tissue, or the tissues directly involved in moving the skeleton (mainly muscles, tendons and ligaments and also fascia).
Soft tissue therapy can be used to both prevent injury and improve performance – whether this be in day-to-day situations, or in a sporting environment.

Who can benefit?
Everyone feeling the stress of their everyday lives on their body – athletes, office workers, manual workers, pregnant women, busy parents, those with minor injuries or medical conditions. Whether your goal is improving general well-being to enjoy a fit and active lifestyle, completing a daily task without pain or discomfort, achieving a sporting accolade without injury or enhancing sporting efficiency to reach a full potential. Soft tissue therapy has many benefits in restoring and maintaining the balance of the musculoskeletal system.

If you are diagnosed with any form of cancer and receiving chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatment we will require written consent from your GP/ Consultant prior to offering any Massage Treatment, other treatments may be available without consent please check with us. This is a requirement of our Insurance company.


– Keeps muscles healthy
– Promotes relaxation and improves flexibility
– Relieves symptoms of and a remedy for musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction caused by postural, structural, occupational, emotional, and medical factors
– Identifies early potential problems and increases self awareness
– Highlights overuse factors and monitors response to training
– Speeds up recovery after exercise
– Helps a full and speedy recovery from minor soft tissue and other musculoskeletal injuries

Immediately after a treatment you are likely to feel relaxed, calm and feeling better, physically and mentally and emotionally than when you arrived. Many people feel lighter and more energised after their session. You may also feel tired as the body can work quite hard physically and emotionally through a session without appearing to do so.
Everyone’s experience is different and you may find that on subsequent treatments you feel quite different according to the nature and depth of the treatment and how you feel on that day.
If you have been receiving a treatment for muscular or joint ailments then you may feel as if you are unbalanced or ache immediately after a treatment as your body is adjusting itself to the correct positions.
It is always a good idea to keep yourself hydrated and especially after having any treatment as this will increase the benefits of the treatment and reduce any side effects.
Occasionally, you may experience what is sometimes known as a “healing crisis” which is a positive healing process where symptoms actually become temporarily worse but pass within a couple of days. You may even experience cold or flu-like symptoms, feel achy, restless, have unusual dreams or just feel a little under the weather. This is part of the healing process and is a sign that your body is changing and healing.

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My name is Graham Lines and I am a qualified soft tissue and foot health care therapist. I completed my practitioner’s diploma at the London College of Massage and am a full member of the Federation Of Holistic Therapists. I’ve also completed a BTEC Level 5 Clinical Sports & Remedial diploma at The School Of Natural Therapies and am a full member of  The Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage. Since qualifying, I have included the option of taping and strapping plus the use of ultrasound to my therapies and in addition to seeing my individual clients.I’ve completed a First Aid course and in addition to my diplomas, furthered my development by qualifying as a Foot Health Care therapist and am a member of the Register Of Foot Care Practitioners.

I live in West Hoathly with my partner, Liz. We are both animal lovers and especially like the company of dogs walking the beautiful local countryside. I also enjoy playing tennis and the piano whenever possible.

I believe that my clients’ needs are of the utmost importance and am committed to meeting those needs with standards of the highest level. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.