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Award Winning Audiology Plus provides a comprehensive diagnostic Hearing Assessment to determine the type and severity of the potential hearing loss. We also offer Microsuction (Ear Wax Removal), Balance & Tinnitus Management.

Hearing Aids – We wont be beaten on our Hearing Aid Prices

We are proud to offer hearing aids from top brands we buy direct from the manufacturer so we can sell at the lowest price, plus if you buy your hearing aids from us we will take the price of your hearing assessment of your final price*.

Effective communication requires good hearing. Even a fairly mild hearing loss may cause communication difficulty. Hearing aids can make communication easy, however correct fitting of hearing aids is not the final stage. Audiology Plus not only provides hearing aids from leading hearing aid manufacturers but also provides advice, support, counselling and professional treatment. Our aim is to live life without restrictions.

*T’s & C’s apply.


Assessment will include:

  • Patient Medical History
  • Pure Tone Audiometry
  • Tympanometry (Middle ear function test)
  • Otoscopy
  • According to the results of the Hearing Assessment, the audiologist can work together with you to decide whether hearing aids will or can be beneficial for your individual’s lifestyle. Audiology Plus provide a wide range of modern digital hearing aids from various manufactures such as Oticon, Widex, Starkey etc. We wont be beaten on price as we buy directly from the manufacturer we offer the lowest prices.
  • Depending on the results of the hearing assessment, the client can be referred to the GP or ENT consultant for further investigation.
  • If you purchase your Hearing Aid from us we will REFUND THE FULL COST* of your hearing assessment.

Follow up Appointment – Within 2 weeks

  • Hearing Aid Fitting and Adjustments as required
  • Fine Tuning of Hearing aids
  • Instructions and guidance for use of hearing aids
  • Consumables – Batteries etc.
  • Information on your Free aftercare plan
  • If you buy your hearing aids from us we will take the price of your hearing assessment of your final price.
  • Free ongoing 15 minute Appointments for the lifetime of your hearing aid
  • Discuss any issues you may have with your hearing aid
  • Top up of Consumables
  • Continued aftercare


Ear wax can easily become impacted in the ear canal causing a blocked feeling, earache or ear infection, itchiness, tinnitus and dizziness. Also ear wax can interfere with the effectiveness of the hearing aids. Audiology Plus provides quick, safe and effective ear wax removal using a Microsuction and curette technique according to UK standards. GP referral is not required. Find out more about Ear Wax Removal here.

Audiology Plus provides a range of custom made noise protection ear plugs and custom made swim plugs. We also offer ear monitors for musicians, noise protection plugs, ear defenders, covert equipment for surveillance purposes, custom Shooting Plugs, and in the ear communication & noise protection for motorsport.

Tinnitus can affect people in different ways. Most are not troubled by it as they have learned to live with it, but some may find it difficult to cope with. Audiology Plus provides Tinnitus assessment, counselling and management, offering noise generators with amplification and tinnitus maskers.

Symptoms of ETD can vary from mild to severe and may be different for each person.

Common Symptoms include:

  • A plugged feeling in the ears
  • Ears feeling like they are filled with water
  • Inability to clear or “pop” the ears
  • Muffled hearing or partial hearing loss
  • Ticking or popping sounds
  • A tickling sensation
  • Trouble with balance

Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (ETD)

Eustachian tubes are the canals which run from the upper throat and back of the nose to the middle ear. They are situated on both sides of the face and usually remain closed, but open as a person yawns, chews and swallows. Their three principle functions are to ventilate the middle ear, protect it from pathogens and to help drain secretions from the middle ear cleft. They are prone to blockages due to the canals being small. The sensation of having blocked Eustachian tubes is uncomfortable and can be accompanied by hearing problems. Eustachian tube dysfunction is the term for any of these symptoms. Those suffering with the condition can develop a fluid congestion in the middle ear, which dries into a glue like substance. This particular type of Eustachian tube dysfunction is referred to as Otitis media with effusion or glue ear. In some cases Eustachian tube dysfunction can also develop into a middle ear infection.

Regulation of the pressure

Regulation of the pressure in the middle ear is an important mechanism for the treatment if the middle ear disorders. Normally, negative pressure in the middle ear is equalized by swallowing or yawning. If the mechanisms for regulating negative pressure are not fully effective, then after a few weeks gluey secretions develop that may lead to hearing impairment. This condition is caused by Eustachian tube dysfunction and may follow after an upper respiratory tract infection, an episode of acute otitis media or in connection with flying, diving or pressure chamber treatment.

Equalize the pressure

Using an auto inflation device provides the pressure required to open the eustachian tube helping to equalise middle ear pressure. The middle ear is thereby ventilated, any effusion can be cleared and symptoms relieved.

If the Eustachian tube becomes blocked, the negative pressure within the middle ear will draw the eardrum inwards. A middle ear effusion can develop and if not treated will become glue like in consistency.

By using an auto inflation device the negative pressure will equalise.

Why Audiology Plus?

  • Local, Friendly and Independent Service
  • Personal Service with Clinical Audiologist
  • No Long Waiting Lists
  • Fast Referrals to ENT if required
  • Hearing aids from top brands
  • Aftercare Service Included
  • Free Parking



BSc (Hons), RCCP, HCPC

Senior Clinical Specialist Audiologist & Hearing Aid Consultant

Piotr has been working in the audiology field for almost 12 years. He started as an Assistant Audiologist in Surrey Primary Care Trust NHS. He completed his training in Clinical Physiology & Audiology at Middlesex University in London in 2009. He continued his studies and successfully achieved BSc (Hons) in Hearing Science from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

Piotr also completed his BSc (Hons) from the Open University, where he studied modules relevant to employment in health, social work and social care. This course helped him to develop an awareness and gain knowledge about formal and informal framework of health and social care and of ethical, social, economic and political issues that influence delivery of healthcare services.

Piotr has a comprehensive knowledge in clinical physiology, audiology and hearing aid technology. He fully understands the physical and psychological basis of hearing and hearing disorders and the impact of hearing impairment on the individual’s life. He routinely performs audiological assessments, hearing aid fittings, follow ups and aftercare services for hearing aid users. He also has a broad knowledge of Tinnitus and Hyperacusis and the impact this can have on an individual. He performs tinnitus assessments on a daily basis and can fit tinnitus maskers. Audiology knowledge paired with the relevant social skills helps him to identify and deal with hearing impairment, tinnitus and other auditory disorders.

Piotr is currently working as a Senior Clinical Specialist Audiologist at Croydon University Hospital. He is also a wax removal specialist, trained at the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital. The ENT-led course was organised by the Ear Institute – University College London.

Audiology Plus Ltd is his private audiology practice, offering a comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment and private hearing aid fitting, tinnitus assessment and fitting of tinnitus maskers, custom noise protection and swim plugs. The aim of his company is to make a difference to patients with hearing impairment so that they may live life without restrictions.

Piotr is a member of the Registered Council for Clinical Physiologists (RCCP) who governs the NHS audiologists. He is also the Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser (RHAD), registered with the Health and Care Professional Council.