Crawley, West Sussex

ScarWork aids the healing and functionality of wound, post- operative or burn scars and the surrounding areas. 

The result of scars after operations or accidents can be far-reaching, impacting the body in several ways, including reduced mobility, restricted movement, hyper-sensitivity and nerve impairment. The adhesions common to scarring often causes secondary problems.

The light-touch techniques work to soften and release adhesions and restrictions, resulting in improved mobility, functionality and appearance.  Scars appear smoother, flatter and less prominent, often with profound functional changes.  

Scars respond irrelevant of their age and the healing continues for a few weeks after a session.  A feeling of overall integration of body and mind can result from ScarWork sessions.


ScarWork and Myofascial Bodywork can help with any post-op or injury scars including:

.           joint replacement,
.           mastectomy,
.           open heart surgery
.           C-Section and abdomincal scarring
.           appendix and hysterectomy
.           burns
.           whiplash,
.           sports injuries,
.           self-harm scarring,
.           drain sites and
.           skin grafts. 

It has been particularly touching for me to see the healing that can happen for women who have gone through the trauma of mastectomy and see that Scarwork brings not only more freedom of movement but restores a sense of wholeness and well-being.  Working with women who have had caesarians, they report improved visual effects along with a feeling of being reconnected from that cut in two feeling, with improved posture and well-being.

Often serious injury or invasive surgery can leave trauma in the body and psyche.  Myofascial Bodywork addresses these consequences in a gentle and non-invasive way.

A light-touch therapy, myofascial unwinding and energy work aims to release restriction in the fascial web, caused by injury or emotional trauma, resulting in a healing release.

Fascia is a type of 3D connective tissue that covers and protects bones, muscles, nerves and organs of the body. After injury or surgery, massage or manipulation can be  ineffective because the cause of the problem area lies in restriction of the fascial web.

The research into fascia in the last ten years has been extensive.  The knowledge gained has made a huge impact on treatment of injury and imbalance, working on both physical and emotional release.

Myofascial Bodywork can help with whiplash, RSI and most forms of injury.  Also a non-invasive therapy for working with physical restriction caused by emotional trauma.  Myofascial unwinding is sometimes incorporated into ScarWork as it complements the effects.

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Women’s Quest Coach. Embodied Therapy (BSET) ITEC A&P, ITEC and MTI Holistic Massage, ITEC Aromatherapy,

Qualified meditation, yoga nidra and Dance of Awareness teacher. Qualified in ScarWork, Bach Flowers and Myofascial Unwinding and Energywork.

I’m Nalini and am a yoga and meditation teacher, holistic therapist and a menstrual and menopause coach.

I can help with many conditions including:

  1. Menstrual and menopause challenges including PMT, pain, hot flushes and emotional challenge
  2. Fertility, pregnancy and postnatal with aromatherapy and womb yoga practices
  3. Scar healing including Caesarean Birth, breast surgery and joint replacements
  4. Stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  5. Fibromyalgia and CFS
  6. Sleep issues
  7. Grief and loss

I specialise in women’s wellness yoga… deeply nourishing practices, that support women through all stages of life including fertility, menstrual cycle, post-natal, peri and menopause.  I also work with Yoga Nidra, both in classes and one to ones.  Yoga Nidra is a key tool for calming down the hyper-arousal response common to stress, anxiety and PTSD as well as being a sublime practice for deep rest and relaxation.  It is also of great help during fertility, for menstrual and menopause challenges.

I work with women’s issues including menstrual and menopause challenges (pain, hot flushes, joint pain, PMT etc), stress, anxiety, grief, emotional challenges, sleep problems, fibromyalgia and CFS, life changes, life direction and many other health issues.  I also support women pre and post pregnancy through yoga, breathwork and aromatherapy.