Ear Candling Treatments, Crawley

Ear Candling is a therapeutic treatment which enables the individual to have impurities and build up of wax to be removed from the ear canal. It is unclear when the first ear candling treatment was done or how it was developed into the practice that it is today. The People of Ancient Civilizations are known to have used Ear Candling, including the Egyptians and Mayans.

Ear Candling is also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy. Whilst there is not a lot of scientific evidence that this treatment works, the fact that the practice has had a long history and continues to be performed shows that not all things need to have a scientific basis. If people find it helpful for their ailments then as they say ‘the proof is in the pudding!’

Generally the Candles are made of beeswax and herbs or essential oils and rolled into a cylinder shape. At one end of the candle is a filter. No wax drips into the ear canal due to the filter. It is believed that once the unfiltered end of the candle is lit, it gently burns down creating a suction / vacumn process pulling out impurities or wax.

However, if the wax, (aka Cerumen) which is an essential excretion made by the body to keep the ear canal clean is too impacted, then either the therapist will recommend a further treatment or for an appointment with an Audiologist be made for micro-suction to be carried out. Micro-suction is a technique that is preferrable to Syringing (Ear irrigation). An instrument (which is rather like a tool a dentist uses to suck water out of your mouth when having dental work done) is gently put into the ear canal and the impacted wax is pulled out gently yet effectively.

Please do not think an Ear Candle is the same as a traditional style ‘Church Candle’ with a tapered end. They are totally different!

A consultation is carried out prior to the treatment. However, a continued build-up of wax or other hearing issues may be a sign of an underlying cause which should be already being treated by your GP or ENT. However, for a Holistic approach our Homeopath who is also qualified in Ear Candling, can discuss this with you. Homeopathy and Conventional Treatment complement each other. Further research is encouraged by the individual for whether the treatment is something you feel could help you.

Here at the Award Winning Fountain Therapies, we are in the privileged position to have therapeutic Ear Candling treatment as well as having Microsuction and Award Winning Private Audiology Consultant, who is able to refer you to NHS ENT is required.

Fountain Therapies, we are your local One Stop Shop for Holistic Health and Wellness needs. We Nourish So You Can Flourish!





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