Welcome Debbie Young to the team.

Debbie is a  qualified personal life coach, a mindfulness practitioner, and conflict management/mediation practitioner, cognitive behavioural and art therapist.

She has been practising mindfulness and one-to-one individual coaching for over 20 years.  I have made many positive changes to my own life with these practices, and have gaining an inner strength and feeling of calm and wellbeing. I have also been a practitioner in conflict management, mediation and art therapy for 12 years, where I specialised in working with troubled young people in the criminal justice system for West Sussex County Council, working with young people to reduce their offending negative behaviours, and helping the victim of that offence to be able to move forward with more confidence and repair some of the harm which had been caused.

Conflict management, mediation, stress management and coaching can be used very effectively in family situations, particularly where young people and parenting are finding difficulty in communicating positively with each other, or transitional stages of development with young people. These techniques can also be very effective in personal relationship issues, neighbourhood disputes and so on.

Read more about Debbie by visiting her profile page. For more information please call us 01444 401271.

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