Welcome Audiologist Piotr Swiatek BSc (Hons).


We are delighted to Welcome Audiology Plus LTD. offering treatments for Ear Wax Removal, Hearing & Tinnitus Management with Mr. Piotr Swiatek BSc (Hons). Piotr is a Consultant Audiologist Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser in Sussex & Surrey.

Piotr has a comprehensice knowledge in clinical physiology and audiology, and hearing aid technolgy. He is also a wax removal specialist. Piotr offers a comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment for hearing loss, fitting of digital hearing aids (such as Widex, Oticon, Phonak, Siemens etc.) follow ups, after care and support for all his clients. Piotr also provides tinnitus counselling and management and fitting of tinnitus maskers, custom made noise protection plugs and swim plugs.

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Hearing Assessment
  • Expert digital hearing aids fittings, re-tuning & aftercare
  • Custom made swim plugs
  • Custom noise protection ear plugs
  • Tinnitus Treatments & Counselling
  • Noise Generators with Amplification & tinnitus maskers

You can find Piotr’s biography here.

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