Up in the Air! Out of this World! Down on the Ground! All at Sea!

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Up in the air! Out of this World! Down on the Ground! All at Sea!

As the World opens and closes and then opens again and closes again due to the current flu outbreak also known as the Pandemic, people who choose to travel to sunnier climes may or may not get the holiday they would wish.  Fear, panic at getting stranded.  Having to self isolate for two weeks or not.  Whichever way the travel corridors or bubbles are, many people are affected by “Desynchronosis”.  “What is that??”  I hear you cry.  Quite simply it’s another name for Jet Lag.  Known to all of us who travel afar or even just out of your routine can make you tired.  This symptom of travel across the Worlds’ time zones in aeroplanes rapidly or sedately across the oceans on a voyage causes the pineal gland (your body clock regulator) to go out of synchronisity (sync) for a few days or if you are really unfortunate, it can really have an affect on your long awaited for holiday.  It has long been known that travelling East is worse for the body’s time clock that travelling West.  

Desynchronosis (Jet Lag) upsets the Circadian rhythms which is governed by the pineal gland and other functions in our bodies. The sleep hormone Melatonin is disrupted.  (You can find a lot of bottles of Melatonin in Pharmacies in the US & Canada).  Symptoms such as Fatigue; Irritability; Digestive issues and appetite; Headaches; Insomnia; are consistent with the time imbalance as the brain tries to ‘re-set the clock’.  

However, it is not just travelling that causes this phenomena.  As every new parent knows the lack of sleep and with just getting through the day with a new born is difficult.

When my Children were infants, I remember the feeling of being so tired from the disturbed sleep, the night feeds and settling them down again only to be awoken with crying for the next feed 4 hours later.  As they got older and as soon as the sun arose over the horizon they were up with bundles of energy, urging us to get up.  Eyes heavy from lack of sleep we managed to get up and get through the day’s and evening’s work before night fell again.  Upon reflection of this wonderful time, and it is wonderful yet so tiring, I thought about when I have had that profound sense of tiredness before.  It then dawned on me that it was when we were on holiday!  Remember that word!  Dysynchronosis  The only thing is that you haven’t travelled anywhere! Except walking around the house in the early hours of the morning, walking downstairs in the middle of the night, warming bottles up pacifying an infant or child who are either hungry, teething or unwell.  In the Spring and Summer it’s not too bad but when the seasons change to Autumn and Winter then that’s not so much fun.    Even those pet owners or farmers who have disturbed nights suffer the same phenomenon.

When our sleep is disrupted for short or long periods, our health begins to suffer.  Our bodies need sleep to restore vitality and to repair worn out cells.  This helps to prevent illness from occurring and slows down the process of aging due to free radical damage.  Lack of sleep may lead to stress and not being able to function or work properly, may result in accidents occurring whether in the work place or home or on the road, air or sea.  Lack of sleep due to electromagnetic / radiation, stress, working long hours, many people craving stimulants to keep their body going through the day i.e. drinking ‘Energy drinks’, caffeine, smoking, recreational narcotics. 

What measures can be taken to help counteract this in my life? 

Well the following is not an exhaustive list but just some of the simple solutions.  I am sure that you can find more if you research it.

Change your sleep habits.  Have a Chamomille tea, hot chocolate or that traditional malt drink that begins with ‘H’ before you go to bed.

Turn off the WIFI at night!  The amount of people who do not have a refreshing nights sleep due to having their mobile phones charging in the bedroom right beside their brain at night is very alarming.  “I use it for my alarm though” Purchase a traditional alarm clock with bells on if you need one or a clock radio that is plugged in to the mains.  You can still get the ones that make the tea for you!  Having your phone charging is so harmful, as even though it isn’t receiving calls, it is still sending out a pulse of EMF right beside your head when your body is trying to repair itself through sleep. 

Treatments we offer that may help:





Increase your Vitamin D3 and K2 levels.

Lavender pillow mist (we sell really effective ones)

Camomile or other herbal teas.

Homeopathic remedies have helped my family & friends as new parents and Business Associates over the years particularly Business Partners who have flown long haul.  

If you would like to know how we can help you at Fountain Therapies with natural solutions for getting a good nights sleep then please visit fountaintherapies.co.uk or email: info@fountaintherapies.co.uk  

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