This Pandemic – Why in this World are you not considering Homeopathy?

This Pandemic – Why in this World are you not considering Homeopathy?

Every day we are hearing about the plight and deaths of so many people across the World suffering from COVID-19. Questions being asked about how to find treatments, vaccines etc.

Just last night (30/4/20) Captain Tom Moore’s 100 th Birthday, a Doctor from Milton Keynes Hospital on TV talking to Ex EastEnders Star, Ross Kemp about the perils of Intubation for COVID-19 sufferers whose lungs are being damaged in the hope of supporting life getting oxygen into the bodies. He accepted that this is the best procedure for some patients with Pneumonia, but not all COVID-19 patients. At one point he mentioned the theory originally mentioned by Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell, a Physician in Brooklyn, USA when he assessing his patient’s outcomes who had been intubated and on ventilators, that sadly 70% did not recover.

Based on his research, he then realised that some of the patients had presented a strange set of symptoms which he had never seen before. Although he had never climbed a Mountain nor had Altitude sickness, these new set of symptoms seen in some of the COVID 19 patients, are similar if not the same as someone who was suffering those effects. As Dr Kyle-Sidell suggested, this is as though a plane full of people has just landed on top of Everest, and their bodies have not had a chance to acclimatise to the change in altitude. Their lungs just collapse.

This is when he started to consider that there has to be another way of treating the people whom the ventilators may be causing more damage to the lungs of COVID 19 patients which are already inflamed and under a great amount of stress. The patients have 10% – 20% of oxygen is not lower, a healthy Oxygen reading in the blood would be 95% or higher * But what treatment would help?
To be honest, I sit in front of the television watching the evening news every day and want to help. Scientists and Doctors are doing their best to find a chemical cure for Pharmaceutical companies.

Eventually, a vaccine will be found but how many Doctors, Nurses, Care Workers and other key workers and the general population have to die until then?
So this is why I am now sitting in front of my daughter’s laptop which she has lent to me, for my opinion. Whether the medical fraternity takes notice of it or not is up to them.

You never know IT MIGHT JUST WORK! There are no SIDE EFFECTS

Before people roll their eyes (which a lot of them will do) with the thoughts of here is another person with ‘quack’ ideas, let me tell you, that I am a person who had no idea of this form of medicine until 20 years ago. Believing that only Chemicals in the form of Pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by Doctors would solve every problem known to mankind. I owe my life to the skill and talent of Doctors and Nurses in the NHS. Since that time, I am now a Wife, Mother & Entrepreneur. I
have received awards for the work that I do, my business which my husband and I founded has won awards. I look at things from a different perspective and get the person the right sort of treatment for them, whether it is Conventional or Complementary.

Sadly the powers that be who voted against sense and closed down these particular hospitals in America and UK (thankfully one of these is still open in London), Drs are so in need of them now.

The section of medicine that COMPLEMENTS and has been proven to medically help in Epidemics and Pandemics is now OVERLOOKED, because of sceptics of whom I don’t think have ever tried it and read outdated books and what they believe can’t work. They haven’t bothered to do the research. Just typing in a few keywords in the search bar of google will come up with answers to their questions. Scientific research in the 21 st Century shows it works. Quantum Physics, Nano

Particles! Google it!

That form of medicine is HOMEOPATHY.

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