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Women’s Health & Wellbeing in Crawley, West Sussex

Women’s Health and Well-being – Therapies and coaching to help you get the best out of life

Support, healing, therapies and education for women, including menstrual health, menopause and Mum and Baby (pregnancy/post-pregnancy)

Free 20 minute consultation to see what is right for you.

ScarWork for C-Section, mastectomy, joint surgery, abdominal scars and other scars

Nalini’s down to earth, warm approach will put you instantly at ease, whilst her training, knowledge and experience give her an intuitive insight into what is needed for you to get the best out of your sessions.

With over twenty years’ experience as a therapist, she uses her extensive expertise in Scar Therapy, Women’s Well-being and coaching (including menstrual and menopause health), Aromatherapy, Restorative Energy Healing, body listening, Bach Flowers and meditative practices to support her clients with health and emotional change or challenges.  With her broad experience, Nalini will find the right blend for your needs. She also makes her own range of organic aromatherapy skincare products and these may be used during a session and/or prescribed for home use.

Can help with:
PMT, anxiety and stress, mood swings, tiredness, sleep problems, skin problems hyper-activity or restlessness, hyper-arousal, emotional upheaval, self-care, negativity, rage, healing of underlying issues, pre and post birth support, grief and loss, PTSD, menstrual cycle and menopause, pregnancy and mother and baby, and many other issues.

Nalini has a heartfelt passion for helping woman step into the greatness of who they are.

She teaches and shares with a genuine sensitivity, passion and humour, and brings her intuition and compassion into her healing and therapy work.  She is an experienced group facilitator and runs regular groups, workshops and retreats.

Get the tools and support to move into your life with positivity, courage and clarity. …or a session can simply be a safe space to feel validated and heard, to deeply relax and have time out with nurturing aromatherapy and restorative energy healing.

We all have times when support is invaluable to help with health, life changes, stress and emotional issues – we are worth the investment in ourselves.

Mum and Baby – Pre and Post Pregnancy support:

Let Nalini support you through your pregnancy with aromatherapy, breathwork, skincare and deep relaxation techniques…..and post birth for both you and baby too.

  • Pre-birth anxiety and stress
  • Stretch marks and skincare
  • Mild oedema
  • Essential self-care techniques
  • Deep restorative relaxation
  • Lumbar pain
  • Breast and milk production problems
  • C-Section healing through Scar Therapy
  • Post-natal depression
  • Skin problems Mum and Baby (nappy rash, cracked nipples etc)
  • Breathwork and relaxation techniques for deep relaxation and wellbeing, before, during and after birth

…or a session can simply be a safe space to deeply relax, voice your feelings and have time out with nurturing holistic therapies.

Support for grief, life changes or emotional issues

Nalini offers safe space for you when dealing with difficult and emotional upheaval.  She will support you in the way that is needed for you, whether it be through deep listening and validation, or through a quiet healing hour of stillness with deeply nurturing aromatherapy and restorative energy healing.

Restorative Energy Sessions

The non–invasive therapy for relaxation and restoration of body, mind and spirit.

Healing sessions are a lovely treatment to receive when you are feeling low, emotional or depleted, or if you want to take time out to rest and relax.  It is a particularly soothing and balancing therapy and is very beneficial when you are feeling extremely tender and vulnerable, either physically or emotionally, and have a need for stillness and quiet.  The therapy for grief and emotional upset.  Gentle and restorative for the tender conditions of fibromyalgia and CFS.

75 Minutes


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