Counselling, Crawley, West Sussex

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Counselling, Crawley, West Sussex

Counselling can provide you with a greater degree of self-awareness, understanding of yourself and others. It can help to improve self – esteem, confidence and improve your sense of choice.

At various stages in our lives, we can feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious.  When experiencing these emotions, Counselling can  help us to address these issues.

Throughout the counselling sessions, I support and guide my clients towards achieving their goals and equip them with more mental and emotional skills so that they can see themselves, others and life with more clarity and from many different perspectives.


Suffering with anxiety can be extremely disruptive to everyday life and can reveal itself it many different ways. Counselling can help put your issues into perspective.


Grieving can make us feel a mix of emotions. Seeing a professional counsellor can help you to understand the natural process you are going through.


It can be difficult to like or even love ourselves. How we value ourselves in the world is very important to our overall wellbeing and how those around us respond to our presence.


Counselling can help us feel grounded in an ever changing world and help us to accept what we can and cannot control.


A close relationship can evoke lots of different emotions that make living together difficult to tolerate. A break up can give you a sense of loss that is difficult to move on from.

Counselling can help you make positives steps forwards.

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Initial Assessment (50 Mins)


Thereafter (50 Mins)


Couples - Initial (50 Mins)


Couples -Therafter (50 Mins)


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