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Marion Wilmot M.Ost Registered Osteopath
Registration No.9289

Jo Severn – BSc (Hons) Registered Osteopath (Locum Cover)
Registration No:4894

K Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is the use of specific wavelengths of light (red and near-infrared) to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal.  The effects of laser energy include improved healing time,​ pain reduction, increased circulation and decreased swelling.

During K-Laser Therapy, infrared laser light interacts with tissues at the cellular level increasing metabolic activity within the cell. By improving the transport of nutrients across the cell membrane, the increased production of cellular energy (ATP) is stimulated. The cascade of beneficial effects that follows includes increased cellular function and tissue repair.

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How often should a patient be treated?

Acute conditions may be treated daily, particularly if they are accompanied by significant pain. More chronic problems respond better when treatments are received 2 to 3 times a week, tapering to once a week or once every other week, with improvement.

How many treatments does it take?

This depends on the nature of the condition being treated. For some acute conditions 4 to 6 treatments may be sufficient. Those of a more chronic nature may require 6 to 12 (or more) treatments. Conditions such as severe arthritis may require ongoing periodic care to control pain.

How long before the results are felt?

You may feel improvement in your condition (usually pain reduction) after the very first treatment. Sometimes you will not feel improvement for a number of treatments. This does not mean that the condition is not improving. Each treatment is cumulative and results are often felt after 3 or 4 sessions.

Can it be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment ?

 Yes. Laser Therapy is often used with other forms of treatment, including physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, soft tissue mobilization, electro-therapy and even following surgery. Other healing modalities are complementary and can be used with laser to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Does it hurt? What does a treatment feel like ?

There is little or no sensation during treatment. Occasionally one feels a mild, soothing warmth or tingling. Areas of pain or inflammation may be sensitive briefly before pain reduction.

Are there any side effects or associated risks ?

During more than twenty years of use by healthcare providers all over the world, very few side effects have ever been reported. Occasionally some old injuries or pain syndromes may feel aggravated for a few days, as the healing response is more active after treatment.

How long does each treatment take ?

The typical treatment is 4 to 8 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated.

Has effectiveness been demonstrated scientifically ?

Yes. There are thousands of published studies demonstrating the clinical effectiveness of Laser Therapy. Among these, there are more than one hundred rigorously controlled, scientific studies that document the effectiveness of laser for many clinical conditions.

How much does it cost?

Laser treatment by itself is £30 for 15 minutes. As part of a 30 minute Osteopathy apppointment £65

Osteopathy, Crawley, West Sussex

Osteopathy in Mid Sussex

“Osteopaths work to restore your body to a state of balance where possible, without the use of drugs or surgery. Osteopaths use touch, physical manipulation, stretching and massage to increase the mobility of joints, to relieve muscle tension, to enhance the blood and nerve supply to tissues, and to help your body’s own healing mechanisms. They may also provide advice on posture and exercise to aid recovery, promote health and prevent symptoms occuring.” (General Osteopathic Council – GOSC) Our Osteopath is fully registered with GOSc.

What can Osteopathy help?
Lower Back Pain (Sciatica)
Neck and Upper Back Pain
Joint Pain – Shoulders / Elbows / Wrists / Hands / Hips / Knees / Feet
Sports Injuries
The affects of trauma – eg. Whiplash
Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)
Postural Problems
Stiffness associated with aging
Musculoskeletal symptoms associated with chronic conditions. eg. Osteoarthritis & Asthma

What is Cranial Osteopathy?

Another aspect of osteopathy that is a very gentle approach (but can have powerful effects!), is Cranial Osteopathy. It focuses on relieving stress and tension throughout the body. Cranial osteopaths are trained to feel for subtle changes of rhythms in the cranium, spinal column and nervous system. Tension and torsions are released with specific subtle techniques. This treatment encourages the body to be balanced and find optimum health. Cranial treatments are effective in addressing a wide range of conditions in people of all ages, from birth to old age.

Effects of the treatment

No two people react in the same way, but temporary effects that people experience after treatment range from feeling of well-being to a worsening of symptoms while the body is adjusting to the changes that have been brought about. The most common side-effect is an inflammatory response, but can also include:

  • Soreness/tenderness
  • Bruising
  • Tiredness
  • Headache

Your osteopath will have given you advice to minimise these, and they should disappear within a day after treatment. You should always call if they persist or worsen.

Osteopathy for Babies and Children

Birth is one of the most stressful events our bodies will encounter. The compressive forces can contribute to musculoskeletal complaints in babies’ bodies, and can commonly cause signs of irritability. These include –
Inconsolable Crying
Signs of ‘Colic’
Sleep Disturbances
Problems Feeding
Problems with Winding, Burping or Bowel Movements
Sinusitis and Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders
These complaints can arise if the birth process is particulaly traumatic; very long or very short. For example if a baby engages in the womb in an awkward position, a delivery aid is necessary like forceps or ventouse, or a c-section is performed.
The bones of a babies head and body are particularly mobile to aid their passage through the birth canal, and the external forces of birth can distort nerves travelling between the cranial bones and result in the above signs of irritability.
Cranial osteopathy is gentle, safe and effective for babies and children. Very specific, skilled, light pressure is applied where necessary to assist the natural ability of the body to release this stress and tension.

Osteopathy for Pregnant Women

Osteopathy can also help pregnant and post natal women. Treatment helps the mother prepare for, and adapt to the postural changes that occur in pregnancy.
Changes that Osteopathy can help with includes back and neck pain, headaches, SPD and pelvic pain, shoulder pain and tension in the thoracic and pelvic diaphragms – which predisposes the mother to problems like heartburn or varicose veins.Post natal treatment helps the body function return to normal, and resolves tension from the changes of pregnancy and the effects of delivery. If not dealt with these can predispose a mother to problems like back pain, headaches, stress incontinence and bowel disruptions, all of which could contribute to postnatal depression. A mother is usually advised to return for treatment 4-6 weeks after birth to help restore their body to normal function.

Registration No.9289 – Marion Wilmot
Registration No.4894 – Jo Severn

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