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Meditation & Mindfulness, Crawley, West Sussex

Meditation, Mindfulness and Breathwork

Slowing it all down and stepping fully into life

There is no aspect of life that cannot be supported and improved by meditation and mindfulness.

.           Supporting you with relationships, business, health, stress and anxiety and pain management as well as personal growth.

.           Simple yet profound techniques and practices you can learn and use in your daily life independently, anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Widely recommended by doctors, business managers, schools and hospitals to name a few, meditation and mindfulness offer positive and life-enhancing results.  Meditation leads us to the rediscovery of our innate nature of peace and equanimity.  Mindfulness techniques give us tools to respond, rather than react to life, and all the changing circumstances that continually arise.

We become adept at stepping back from the drama into a more peaceful space, not getting lost in the busyness of our heads and thoughts.  And as a result, we are less stressed, and more constructive, creative and peaceful.

Breathwork techniques, which form part of meditation and mindfulness, are the most simple and effective way to support us through all of life’s scenarios.  Deep relaxation as part of a session, invokes a sense of peace, reducing stress, aiding a good night’s sleep, and a calmer nervous system.

Nalini brings her experience, knowledge, and a good dose of humour into her teaching, along with her passion for sharing these great practices.  She lived in the Ananda Assisi meditation and yoga retreat for many years and is a highly experienced teacher and facilitator, with her own daily practice.  She works with all age groups, including children and teenagers.

Learn meditation and mindfulness in small groups, workshops or one to one sessions.  No experience needed, just a sense of curiosity and an open mind.

 What does a session or workshop involve?

Sessions usually begin with a short intro before diving into the practice itself.  Nalini will guide you into the here and now using breath, body and feelings, ensuring you are grounded and present.  Any questions or concerns are always encouraged.

You will learn about mindfulness and meditation and how to use it in your life, and experiment with the practices during a session or workshop.  Time is given for periods of

meditation and we finish with a session of deliciously deep relaxation or Yoga Nidra.  Sessions are experiential and though there is a basic structure, Nalini will teach and share what feels appropriate to each group or individual.  You will come away with a toolkit of simple, yet effective practices that are easy to do alone.  That said, there is nothing like meditating in a group to keep your enthusiasm and energy high and it is highly recommended to continue with a weekly group.

Meditation can be done sitting in a chair, or on a cushion on the floor, and the concluding relaxation is usually done lying down though can be adapted for special needs.

Meditation is for everyone, come along and experience its beneficial effects and bring some calmness and joy into life.

60 Minutes (One to One)


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