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Meditation & Yoga, Crawley, West Sussex

Meditation and Yoga One to Ones

Let balance and calmness enter your life through the timeless practices of yoga and meditation

There is no aspect of life that cannot be supported and improved by these healing and inspiring practices – welcome home to yourself!


Women’s Wellness Yoga

for all women, everywhere

A softer approach to allow for the physical and emotional body to experience a deep healing and letting go.  This is a sublime practice that nourishes and nurtures, harmonising with our natural rhythms. Supports menstrual and menopause health, fertility, pre and post pregnancy…and all things woman.

One to one sessions include gentle yoga postures that connect us with ourselves and work with where you are at right now.  I work with breathwork techniques which you can use at home to ease pain, stress and emotions and help you feel grounded and present.  A session of yoga nidra brings deep relaxation and healing and will also support a good night’s sleep.


Supporting you with relationships, business, health, stress, anxiety and pain management as well as personal growth.

Simple yet profound techniques and practices you can learn and use in your daily life independently, anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

For anyone who feels that stress and anxiety are an unavoidable fact of modern life, meditation reminds us that within each one of us is an inner core of peace that we can learn to access at will.  This ancient practice is becoming part of our culture and is widely recommended by doctors, business managers, schools and hospitals.  This is because it offers positive and life-enhancing results on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Meditation leads us to the rediscovery of our innate nature of peace and equanimity.

“ This ancient technique, practiced by many spiritual paths, has something to teach us, whether we are spiritually inclined or not.  Regular practice benefits health and well-being and increases energy levels and brain power. Moreover, it is proven to reduce stress and anxiety”.

“It doesn’t remove difficult times but it does provide a way to get through them with integrity and to see the bigger picture.”

45 Minutes (One to One)


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