Holistic Massage, Crawley, West Sussex

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Holistic/Swedish Massage, Crawley, West Sussex

Holistic Massage (also referred to as Swedish Massage) is ideal for everyone, it should be seen as an essential to improve and maintain your whole health, mind and body, although an occasional treat will make you feel wonderful. Whether you have an injury, sore and aching muscles or just feel tense from stress, a Holistic Massage will not only improve your physical health but also make you feel fantastic.

There are many benefits which will benefit everyone who has a Holistic Massage whether for relaxation, stress management or to improve injuries and pain:

    • Reduces stress and tension in the mind and body
    • Reduces pain through relaxation of muscles
    • Improves sleep
    • Improves flexibility, posture and balance
    • Recovery time after exercise and muscle strain is shortened
    • Increases oxygen in the blood and releases toxins from muscles
    • Stimulates blood circulation and increases lymphatic flow
    • Improves digestion and bowel movements
    • Boosts your immune system
    • Improves scarring from surgery and injury
    • Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells
    • Nourishes the skin improving its condition
    • Stimulates and soothes the nervous system

Think of a Holistic Massage as a necessary treat every month to improve and maintain your health. A Holistic Massage once or twice a year is great for a treat and you will feel fantastic afterwards – so why not get to feel like that all the time and have a Holistic Massage every 2-6 weeks to improve and maintain the health of your mind and body. If you have injuries from sports, accidents or surgery then more regular massages will improve the condition and thereafter maintenance massage every month or so.

If you are diagnosed with any form of cancer and receiving chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatment we will require written consent from your GP/ Consultant prior to offering any Massage Treatment, other treatments may be available without consent please check with us. This is a requirement of our Insurance company.

Effects of the treatment

Immediately after a treatment you are likely to feel relaxed, calm and feeling better, physically and mentally and emotionally than when you arrived. Many people feel lighter and more energised after their session. You may also feel tired as the body can work quite hard physically and emotionally through a session without appearing to do so.
Everyone’s experience is different and you may find that on subsequent treatments you feel quite different according to the nature and depth of the treatment and how you feel on that day.
If you have been receiving a treatment for muscular or joint ailments then you may feel as if you are unbalanced or ache immediately after a treatment as your body is adjusting itself to the correct positions.
It is always a good idea to keep yourself hydrated and especially after having any treatment as this will increase the benefits of the treatment and reduce any side effects.
Occasionally, you may experience what is sometimes known as a “healing crisis” which is a positive healing process where symptoms actually become temporarily worse but pass within a couple of days. You may even experience cold or flu-like symptoms, feel achy, restless, have unusual dreams or just feel a little under the weather. This is part of the healing process and is a sign that your body is changing and healing.

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