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Intuitive Art, Crawley, West Sussex

What is Intuitive Art?

Intuitive Art is a combination of skills of perceiving and drawing.  It is transformational process in which something that is felt/sensed is brought into physical reality.  It helps us to understand that there is more around us than we can see with our two eyes.

Who can benefit from Intuitive Art?

Everyone.  The act of creating, and painting has healing benefits both in doing and receiving an image.  My clients are usually those who are already aware of Guardian Angels, and would like to know more.  However, prior knowledge and belief are not necessary to this process.  One can be just curious in finding out what this is all about.

What can I expect from a session with Sheila?

~Confidentiality – as a trained counsellor, this is my top priority

~Respect – everyone has free will to choose their own path

~Empathy – a gift from one who understands pain and struggle

~Attunement – fine tuning into your situation, which is unique

~Time – listening to and delivering Angel messages as well as painting

~Exactness – using my portraiture skills to bring as close a likeness as possible

The artist will begin by using intuitive perception to find out which energies are around the client. Oracle cards are used to help “tune in” to the current state of the client, and there will be messages about current situations.

Then once the artist has ascertained the face that is being presented psychically, painting can begin.

The whole process takes just over one hour and the client takes home a watercolour painting at the end.

To close, the client can ask any questions relating to the painting or messages.


Sheila is a wonderful artist and her portraits are amazing.  Sitting with her, one feels totally at ease, knowing that she is focused on doing the best work for you.  Her spiritual brush of her work brings out the true light on her subjects. ~ Sheila Martin, events organiser, Festival of Light, East Grinstead.

I cannot thank Sheila enough for her skilful painting and the beautiful story of my life. ~ Bashi Luxton, founder of the Clairsentient Body, Bristol.

Thank you so much for the professional, insightful experience, filled with loving guidance.  It was a true inspiration.  And the beautiful portrait is hanging where I can see it everyday.  It’s uplifting. ~ Linda Smith, Suny Oswego University, New York.


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