Hypnotherapy, Crawley, West Sussex

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What is hypnosis?2018-02-01T12:11:13+00:00

Opinions vary on the exact definition of this natural state of mind. First of all, contrary to
what many people believe, hypnosis is not always a trance state or a sleep state even though a
person in hypnosis may appear to be sleeping. Hypnosis is really natural state of mind and is
an important part of everyday life. Whenever our mind wanders, daydreams or is focused on
something, such as reading a book, driving a familiar route, watching a film we are in a state
of hypnosis.
Brain scans on people who are in hypnosis state show that brain wave activity moves from a
Beta state to an Alpha state, and sometimes a Theta state. This is not dissimilar to the pattern
of brain activity during meditation.

If I’m hypnotised do I give up control?2018-02-01T12:15:50+00:00

Do we give up control of our mind to someone else when we are reading a book or watching a film? In situations like this you are in a hypnotic trance, although you still have the power to emerge from that state if wished. Whatever or whomever hypnotizes you; you always have the power to resist.

When you realize that you are the one in control, when you decide how deeply into hypnosis you wish to go, then you become aware of what hypnosis is. A hypnotherapist is a guide and helps you on a journey, but the change can only be made by you.

Often the realization that you are in control, and that you can make change yourself is very empowering. You’ll find that the more often you going into hypnosis, aware that you doing it, the more you realize how easy it is to let go, secure in the knowledge that you can always stop a session if you feel uncomfortable.

Some hypnotherapists use the knowledge that actually we are always in hypnosis and will have an open discussion with you, just altering their language patters, using suggestions relating to your goal and the changes you wish to make, without taking you into a ‘trance state’ at all.

What can hypnosis be used to treat.2018-02-01T12:19:56+00:00

Hypnosis can be used to help treat a wide range of issues such as:

  • Fears and phobias
  • Physical conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, skin conditions and migraines
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Panic attacks
  • Tinnitus
  • Fertility
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of confidence

It can also be used as a tool to:

  • Manage pain
  • Improve performance at work or in sport
  • Improve birth outcomes
What will happen in a hypnosis session?2018-02-01T12:22:14+00:00

Your hypnotherapist will take detailed history and with some conditions may request permission from you to write to their doctor, to let them know you are having hypnotherapy.

They will then discuss you goal and what you would like to see or feel at the end of your sessions.

Using a range of different techniques your hypnotherapist will relax you, make you feel comfortable and work with you towards achieving your goal.

After a session you may feel uplifted, lighter and very relaxed. Often change is very subtle, as your hypnotherapist will be working with your subconscious mind, and you may just notice a very positive shift in how you are feeling.

Hypnotherapy, Crawley, West Sussex

Tailored Hypnotherapy Sessions:

90 Minute Destroy Anxiety or phobias session: £97

We all know how debilitating anxiety and phobias can be. From struggling with nerves over an upcoming test or interview, or a fear of flying ruining your holiday plans, or a fear of spiders stopping you clearing out the garden shed. Whatever it is, I can help you transform how you view the experience and destroy the hold it had over you.

Bespoke 4-Hour Breakthrough Smoking Session: £297

These 4-hour Bespoke Breakthrough sessions are designed with one outcome in mind; To stop you smoking, WHATEVER it takes! I really don’t believe in One-Size-Fits-All therapies. With that in mind, your session will be unlike any other treatments that you may have heard of or even tried! Your session will have no pre-planned structure and will be created based on all the triggers and discoveries that I make during the actual session itself. It may involve a blend of Hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Threapy™ with perhaps a little hint of Life Coaching and Goal Mapping, or it may not! I have gathered together so many ideas, tools and techniques over the past 30 years, that I know by experience what needs to be done to achieve your required outcomes.

90 Minute Law Of Attraction Coaching Session: £97

Everything that we have thus far experienced, whether we perceive it as Negative or Positive, is proof that the Law of Attraction is real, and is working every single moment of our lives, whether we like it or not, whether we believe in it or not. We are ALL walking talking example of the Law of Attraction in action. YES, even if you perceive your life as a mess, that’s what you have attracted!  The Law of Attraction NEVER switches off. It just ‘Is…’ This session will help you to identify just how effectively you are utilising the Law of Attraction in your life, and how, by just making a small shift in your focus, can totally transform your life…

90 minute Explore Your Parallel Lives: £97

Are you familiar with the concept of Parallel Lives? Some of the world’s leading scientists and quantum physicists have hypothesised that beyond the universe we live in, there are an infinite number of alternate universes, where alternate versions of ourselves live out their lives in a world where different scenarios exist, and different choices have been made. In an alternate universe you could be anything from a princess to a healer, a singer, an architect or an artist. In fact, the possibilities, just like the number of universes out there, are infinite.

Whatever challenges you may face or whatever desires you wish to fulfil, there is an alternate ‘you’ that has already successfully overcome those challenges and achieved those desires. So what if you could find a way to communicate with your alternate incarnations and learn from them? What if you could draw from their experience, their knowledge, their skills, and apply them to your own life? Well now you can. The possibilities are endless, and I am only just beginning to scratch the surface of what’s truly achievable.

Hypnotherapy - 90 Minutes


Bespoke Smoking


Destroy Anxiety or Phobias session


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