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What is Shamanic Past Life?2018-10-01T05:02:58+00:00

Soul Exploration – The universal law of nature is born from the divinity of pure consciousness, transcending time and space. A spark of this energetic consciousness is your DNA held within your soul.

I believe the essence of your soul is eternal; discovering your soul lessons enables you to enter your higher consciousness allowing you to tap into your infinite wisdom and knowledge. This is the place of divine power and healing.
The great school of learning is here on this planet; your gifts and challenges are presented by patterns of belief and actions. The importance of past lives is to understand not so much what you were, but what lessons can be learnt and to what spiritual values can be gained to improve your life today.

Thought has power and energy, be it negative or positive. The intention of thought creates emotion, emotion creates a reaction, and reaction creates a reality of experience. Otherwise known as ‘Karma’.
So our karma = memories of our soul, – life lesson’ – what goes around comes around – are our challenges that will often be repeated until we heal them, recognise and understand them.

Sometimes our soul is fragmented due to our previous lives and unconsciously those fears are brought into this life, therefore irrational phobias can occur e.g. water, fire, knives, animals, and insects.

Emotional issues of repeated patterns can be betrayal, abandonment, depression, accidents, anger, relationship problems, family rivalry, to name just a few.

By embarking on a Past Life Journey, you will be entering the gateway of your soul, the energetic spiritual world. This place of visionary timeless energy held in’ Dreamtime’ as described by the Aborigines. Also described as the ‘Akashic records’ within the Vedic’s.
By guiding you on your experiential healing journey enables you to embrace fully the unhealed part of yourself. At the end of the session, Spiritual guidance will be given for your personal growth and development. Creating balance, self-empowerment within your present life.
Your vision and soul release will become clear only when you can look into your heart,


Our life stories from a young age can be one of joy and pain. We grow up into adulthood, and the curtains are drawn back as we enter the greatest theatrical show called ‘LIFE’. Here the facades are performed, from indoctrinations, false truths, and programs of beliefs reflecting our perceptions. Otherwise known, as the ‘Shadow Self ‘ the ego-self; the part of you that judges, doubts and criticize yourself and others.

This may create negative patterns, behaviours and a loss of self; disempowerment, creating:
• Grief –separation/ relationship issues
• Passive Manipulators
• Lost and confused
• Repressed anger
• Alcohol and drug addictions
• Depression
• Judgements towards others
• Projection of blame
• Superiority complex
• Low self-esteem

Too numerous to mention all, but I am sure you get the picture. Soul release Journeying it allows you to understand and accept your shadow self, letting go of any old emotions that no longer serve you.
Creating a sacred space enables you to reclaim back your power.

Allowing Acceptance, forgiveness, responsibility, surrendering into your divine power and the true source of light in spirit.
To confront a person with his shadow; is to show him his light. C. Jung By giving yourself full permission, I am able to guide you on your soul Release Journey in a compassionate, sacred, confidential space. The energetic clearing allows you to return to your source of personal truth and start to reclaim your power.


What is the Soul Retrieval Journey?2018-10-01T05:04:40+00:00

As a divine energetic being, you have a unique power to tap into your soul within your DNA and experience a soul retrieval journey, which holds the power of light, frequency and coherent information. This is your true essence enabling you to heal and feel inspired by love with an open heart, forgiveness, self-empowerment, gratitude, trust, compassion, confidence to speak your truth. Self-belief in creating and attracting whatever you want in your life. Understanding that you are interconnected to this infinite ocean of consciousness, it is your divine right and power!

Just Some of the Benefits of Soul Retrieval Journey:

• Spiritual self-growth
• Positive Outlook
• Making the right Decisions in life
• Self-Confidence
• Peace within
• Letting go fully of the Past
• Opening Heart to Love
• Fulfilling your Divine Life Purpose
• Feeling Self-Empowered

Do I need A Soul Retrieval?

You may be experiencing soul loss, separation from oneself due to emotional, Physical, spiritual issues and psychological issues:
• A lost direction in life purpose
• Emptiness – filled by addictions
• Feel disconnected from yourself and others
• Feel incomplete due to childhood wounds,
• Lack of love,
• Lack of self-esteem,
• Abusive relationships,
• Stuck inability to go forward in life
• Loss of a loved one unable to cope with the grief,
• A part of you is missing, lost in time
• Given a part of your soul and heart to some else.
• Depression.
• Mother/Father issues

Your soul retrieval journey is unique to you, each journey is tailor-made according to your needs. Before we proceed with the Journey I might need to remove any stuck, stagnant energy that is disconnecting you from your true soul essence. Please see (Shamanic Extraction).
This blocked energy can be from your present issues, karmic, genetic or someone has taken your energy.
As a vehicle of spirit, I am able to increase my awareness into an altered state of consciousness guiding you into a relaxed state of being.
After a brief discussion Intention is placed on what you need to explore, understand and heal.
In the sacred space of compassion, I offer the gifts of ancient wisdom like the shamanic drum, rattle, chants, crystals or stones to assist you’re healing according to what is appropriate for your journey.

As you lay in a relaxed comfortable position with heart open, ready for great change, eyes closed. Sensations often reported are warm, tingling, bliss, melting, the 3rd eye opened into clear crystal vision, letting go, timeless, sleepy, peace. However, each experience will be unique to you.
Guided by my guardian spirits, I travel through space and time into the vast expansive energy that holds the power of divine love and wisdom of unlimited possibilities to assist your healing. The gateway of your soul enters into the all-knowing collective consciousness contained within this universe.

As you journey, you retrieve the missing part of your soul. On retrieval of this energy, I reintegrate by blowing into your heart, abdomen and crown of your head.

Your journey may last up to 2 hours. Afterwards, you may share your experience.

Guidance and support are given after your journey as you start to return to wholeness reintegrating the new energies. The healing will continue to expand into your new awareness of self. Reconnecting back to your true source, of pure consciousness, for this is, YOU!
Blessings Be! To all those that have walked this path and continue to grow and sparkle like the most beautiful rare gemstones.


What is Shamanic Extraction2018-12-05T16:40:39+00:00

Shamanic Extraction – As beings of energy, we are affected from all of life itself. This vibration of energy works on a very deep level held throughout the blueprint of your unconsciousness, DNA, emotions and ultimately your spirit of who you truly are.
The spirit of who you really are is one of Inspiration, Love, compassion, and truth, Self-Belief, Awareness. However, unresolved issues from the past can create:

• Stuck Energy
• Misplaced Energy
• Walk-In Energy
• Soul- Loss Energy

This blocked energy can be created from negative emotions, stress, childhood wounds, operations, Hospitals, disconnection from oneself, addictions, an unhealthy attachment to another person or sent by another person.
By entering an altered state of consciousness I am able to access information from your energy field by using my Clairvoyant and Clairsentient gifts. I am able to remove the misplaced energy from the part of the body where it is held and replace with the new energy, not dissimilar from psychic surgery.

With spiritual guidance new energetic life force is replaced and sealed into the body part, throughout this process you are in a relaxed, warm state of relaxation,

Clients have often reported seeing vivid colours of light or a sensation of lightness or a gentle removal of the old energy releasing from their body. However, each session is unique to you.

At the end of the session, the sharing of the experience will be discussed revealing any spiritual messages and guidance for your recovery.

What is Shamanism2018-12-05T16:46:38+00:00

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual psychoerapeutic healing dating back at least 30,000 years ago. However, it has stood the test of time and proven time and time again to heal the emotional, mental, aspects of a person of today Spiritual Psychotherapy.

If you want to experience :

  • Transformation
  • Dynamic yet, Gentle
  • Interactive(At your own pace)
  • Powerful Results

It is your birthright to heal into your true potential and discover the true you!

So, what is holding you back in life?

What is making you feel stuck?

The word ‘shaman’ originates from the Tungus Reindeer herders in the Baikal area of Siberia. Translated as to ‘know’. It is only when you become aware of the underlying interconnection that you can begin to truly access your own power of love, kindness, self-healing and discovering your true potentiality. We become unwell, disconnected from our soul when our emotional or physical energies become blocked, displaced, lost, or unhealthy attachments.

I qualified as a Holistic therapist 22 years ago and qualified as a Shamanic practitioner in 2006.In this time my experience has been diverse working within the NHS, Palliative Care, Mental illness, Addictions, Dementia as well as private practice.As a holistic therapist, I  enable you to  emotional, physical and spiritual issues that no longer serve you.In doing so you are able to reclaim back your innate self-empowerment. Better equipped to make the right decisions in life, empowered with a new sense of purpose. Thus allowing, a self-belief with an open – hearted inner peace and self-fulfillment. There has never been a greater time than now to awaken your personal power of potentiality.As an experienced Spiritual Coach, Teacher and Shamanic practitioner, I continue to help people to heal, become self- empowered to transform one’s life.

  • Relationship issues
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Psychological Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Divorce
  • Grief
  • Anger
  • Stress
  • Childhood Wounds
  • Depression
  • Loss of purpose
  • Low Self- Esteem
  • Lack of Self-Confidence
  • Lack of Self- Love …In other words, any issues that have caused you to feel disconnected from self and others. In Shamanic terms, we call it “soul loss” in psychotherapy it is the same but, known as disassociation.

Shamanic Counselling, Crawley, West Sussex

I am able to guide you through Shamanic counselling/coaching as it allows you to reconnect and heal the fragmented parts of your self that may feel wounded from emotional pain or physical pain. Shamanism could be quicker acting with results and great transformation in only 3 sessions compared to conventional counselling which can be months in the process.
For it is dynamic, powerful, experiential yet, going at your own pace…
Here are just some of the issues that I have treated successfully from Shamanic Counselling:
  • Abandonment
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Childhood Wounds
  • Unhappy relationships
  • Abuse
  • Anger
  • Stress
  • Low self-esteem
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Addictions
  • Lack of life purpose
  • Bullying
  • Looking for love in the wrong places
  • Lack of self-love
  • Mother/Father issues

Astara Ariel – Shamanic Counseller

Shamanic Session 2hr


Clairvoyant/Healing Reading 1hr


Shamanic Blessing/Meditation 1hr


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