Ear Candling, Crawley, West Sussex

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Ear Candling, Crawley, West Sussex

What is Ear Candling?
Ear Candling is relaxing helping to reduce stress and anxiety

Ear Candling (also known as hopi ear candling) has been traditionally used for 1000’s years and is a non-invasive way to to help the natural wax cleansing process. Having a treatment is also very relaxing and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Ear Candling is a powerful, deeply relaxing and gentle form of healing; helping to balance the body’s energy system and reducing anxiety and stress.

Ear Candling has in recent years has gradually being embraced by the NHS. Some medical practices are using Ear Candling as a non-invasive alternative to syringing for the treatment of excessive earwax.

Benefits of Ear Candling

The ears are connected to the nose and throat which is why many people have found relief from a variety of ailments from Ear Candling such as:

headaches and migraines
reducing the symptoms of colds and flu and hayfever
glue ear and middle ear problems
sinus problems
reducing stress by calming and relaxing
reducing ear popping when flying / scuba diving

Alternative / complementary treatments

Ear Candling on its own may not fully help your particular ear/nose/throat problem. In this case CranioSacral Therapy or Manual Lymphatic Drainage may be helpful. These therapies can help with any head area problem (and also the rest of the body) and can help with sinus problems, tinnitis, headaches, migraines, general tension and any cold and flu symptoms.

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