The Lockdown Blues

By Sam Doyle – Homeopath LSECH RHOM MARH

With the current situation of opening up, locking down, opening up, locking down, masks, children not being able to communicate with their friends, losing those vital skills, losing the learning of social interaction during school and playtime. HOMESCHOOLING!!! People losing jobs, not being able to go on holiday, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate that is the question? Waiting lists are long to get the help you need. Sadly, the statistic of this influenza virus has passed a million in the UK. The World is suffering from the “Blues”, not to mention how our Wonderful Angels in Blue, White, Pink, Green, Purple, Yellow uniforms are doing a valiant battle in Hospitals, Care Homes and Home Visits in caring for those in need. Teachers are too, caring for our Children in very difficult circumstances – children who are not old enough to understand. Children who are very scared of an invisible presence, teachers are trying to appease their fears whilst dealing with their own. Maybe the Producers of the television’s Dr Who can make a programme to explain it in a way that children would understand.

We are all living in challenging times. People are needing to talk …. talking helps. As the old saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved. Being able to just hear a voice to someone who can understand, find a natural solution to your plight can be a great help. Counselling, Hypnotherapy are invaluable at this time in our lives. Negativity and sadness can change into Positivity and Happiness. Did you know it takes more muscles in your face to frown and look sad than it does to smile and look happy!
There is the term LONG COVID in our vocabulary now. This is the term used when the initial infection of the SARS COV-19 has passed, and the sufferer has devasting and debilitating symptoms that have a massive impact on their day to day activities. This inevitably can have a ‘knock on’ effect. Remember the days of what was called ‘Yuppy Flu?’ It is now called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Many people do not even consider Homeopathy but talking to a trained experienced Homeopath is helpful too. Remedies and strategies can be suggested to help you. One important point of information is that our Homeopath is an Armed Forces Service Champion. This means that she is able to put Serving and Veterans in contact with organisations that they might not know about to help them in their hour of need.

Fear has been created in the past year, and into this New Year. This can be turned around! Be fearless, look for the positive things. As sure as eggs are eggs the Sun will always rise tomorrow.
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