The Lady On The Train

One Saturday afternoon in June 2021, I was on the way to visiting a relative in the West Country.  He was only 6 weeks older than I and was in Heaven’s waiting room.  He had terminal cancer.  He crossed the ‘rainbow bridge’ two weeks later. 

My journey was the result of an unexpected telephone call during the week (as sometimes happens to us all).  Arrangements were made for me to travel via train to Bournemouth and meet my Son who would drive the rest of the way to the West Country.  I boarded the train at Three Bridges and went to sit in one of the carriages.  It felt wrong to sit in that carriage, for some reason, energetically wrong.  As a Reiki Practitioner, I am sensitive to energy. I moved back down the train.  In another carriage, I sat down in the seats that have tables.  There was a man sitting on his own using a mobile phone in the seats on the opposite side of the carriage.  His work bag on the table with a newspaper and Coffee cup.  At one of the stations, he disembarked the train.  The train carried on its journey on the Mid Sussex Line, stopping at all the stations.  No one sat in those seats.  Until Chichester station.  Lots of people got on then and a lady with blonde hair with loads of bags sat in those vacant seats.  As the train moved off, I noticed she settled herself down, read a book, then a newspaper.  Provisions were consumed and washed down with a huge can of Energy drink beginning with ‘M’ written in green.  I’m not going to advertise said product.

After a while, the lady whose Aura (Energetic field) was grey – slumped across the table with her head in her hands.  She stayed in that position for a little while.  Concerned about her welfare, I called across to her “Are you OK?”  In these times of the Coronavirus situation, asking strangers about their welfare is becoming more the ‘norm’.  She turned and gave me a wry smile.  “Yeah’ then ‘No, I’m so unhappy, I’m this close ….. ‘.  She then explained how the lockdowns, being on furlough, the isolation and loneliness, the financial burden of wondering how to pay her rent etc was really taking its toll on her mental and emotional wellbeing.  She spoke of not wanting to be here.  She looked very drawn and troubled.  Furrowed lines on her brow made her look much older than her years.  “Look at me,” she said, “I hate looking like this”.  I explained that I am a Reiki Master and offered to do some distant healing on her, in the time that we had before her stop.  “You are an Angel!!!” she blurted out.  I just smiled.  “No really, you are my Angel!  The moment before you asked whether I was OK, I was asking God to help me!  I just don’t know what to do anymore, yes please I’ll have some Reiki (whatever that is!)”  After about 10 minutes the lady’s face had changed, her demeanour was more positive and her auric field brighter.  We arrived at her station, I gave her my business card and asked her to stay in touch ….. she has! Her life is changing and she has a more positive outlook on life.

Whatever thoughts you have upon reading this are yours.  Suffice to say that the last time I was on a train on the Mid Sussex Line was over 30 years ago.  I believe I was supposed to be on that train that day …. I am glad I was there to help – to give Reiki and Support at a time of the greatest need.  Not forgetting my relatives and family I was pleased to arrive in time to say ‘Goodbye’, and to leave Homeopathic remedies with them to support them through the grieving process.

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Namaste x 

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