Testimonials and feedback about fountain therapies


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"I left Fountain Therapies so excited and hopeful for my daughter. "

I first went to Fountain Therapies, for the Phlebotomy service. I met with Sam, and from having a quick chat about my 4-year-old daughter's development & speech delay, I left Fountain Therapies so excited and hopeful for my daughter. I had, heard of homeopathy before but didn't know anything about it. Sam's kind and helpful nature directed me to understand more. I did not waste much time in getting in touch with her again for another and another chat.! Sam was very nice to talk to, she understands the feelings of people and is very enthusiastic and caring. When I explain my daughter to her, she just wanted to help us. Since starting the remedies, I have seen some improvements in our daughter. She is more confident with spontaneous talking. She is more frequently saying three-word sentences, sometimes more. I have noticed more understanding of instructions from her as well. She is nearly doing her own buttons up on her pj's! Before she would help to push the last half, now she wants to try all by herself. I am extremely grateful to Sam for her time and help, she is a well-educated lady, I will always admire. I am looking forward to seeing more of the benefits of her work and would highly recommend anyone to pay her a visit.
Clients Mum
“Harley Street diagnostics and help at high street prices. Thanks Sam and Mark.”
B. Rowing

“Help with Hearing Loss and Tinnitus…”

If you need to have any kind of hearing tests or are concerned about earwax or any other ear problems I can highly recommend Piotr Swiatek at Fountain Therapies in Handcross. A lovely multi therapy practice. Piotr is their resident audiologist. I went to him to get help with my hearing loss and the tinnitus I have had since I was a child. Piotr made me feel at home straight away. He explained what he would be doing every step of the way and how after the tests he could show me the printout so I could decide what to do next. One swift check was done to see if I had any earwax. There was none so I took the test which took a mere 10 minutes. Once done Piotr then explained the next steps. Piotr seems to me to be a complete expert in all he does. He makes sure you know exactly what to expect. He also makes sure you are always comfortable during the tests and explains what to do next. I highly recommend him for all hearing issues.

“No Hesitation in returning…”

“Thank you very much for helping my sister Helen on Monday, very much appreciated. Helen would also like to say a big thank you to Piotr who she found very patient and understanding to the point she would have no hesitation in returning in the future, for Helen that’s quite something!.”
S. Young

“Everything fell into place”

“We needed a home visit by a phlebotomist in Brighton for our daughter, who is bedridden. We looked all over the place for such a service, without much luck until we found Layna at Fountain Therapies. Then everything fell into place. Professional, responsive, courteous. Very helpful.”

“I just wanted to thank you for making such a difference to my recovery”

“Beatrice made me feel completely relaxed and comfortable, and certainly helped release any pain and stress I was feeling. She was also knowledgeable giving good advice to further support my health. The acupuncture also helped amazingly with an aggrivating cough and sinus issue which has now cleared up completely. It was certainly a pleasurable experience which I will continue to do, and have already recommended Beatrice to friends”
V. Buckland

“Highly Recommend this Place”

“I would highly recommend this place as all staff are highly qualified and very professional. I had a appointment with Sheila Rose, she made me feel comfortable and she was spot on and I came out of there feeling relieved. Would definitely see her or the other therapists again.”
N. Gandhi

“Incredibly Skillful, professional and friendly”

“I highly recommend Layna if you need a private blood draw. She’s incredibly skillful, professional and friendly. I have tricky veins and had previously been to two other phlebotomist who couldn’t get a vein. Layna immediately put me at ease, and successfully found a vein straight away (without too much poking about!). All her equipment was immaculate and hygienic. and she had great attention to detail.”
S Regan

“Absolutely Amazing”

” Apart from being my homeopath you are now my very own Reiki healing lady too! I book to have an appointment with Sam after I am going to have a particularly traumatic meetings or time….I know my nervous system is going to be completely shot with shock/trauma, my energy levels will be completely gone and my sleep will be poor once again. So Sam balances me back out and brings my stress levels right down. She calms me back down so that I can feel relaxed and a stabilised human being once again. Thank goodness I have her!. P.S How on earth can you calm my varicose veins right down too with Reiki healing when nothing else seems to work?!…… ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!X”
S. Sewell

“Thank you Brett“

“I had hypnotherapy with Brett for my phobia of snakes. I have just spent the weekend at my sister in laws house and she has two snakes. I was totally calm and had no fear at all throughout my stay. Thank you Brett”
J. Divall

“A True Professional”

I have had several sessions of healing and massage with Liz. I find Liz very comfortable to be around, she is a true professional with a lot of experience in both healing and massage. She really makes you feel relaxed. I feel much more calm and relaxed and uplifted. Her working environment is very peaceful and relaxed and of a high standard. Her prices are great value for money. I would highly recommend her.

“No Pain, Better Posture…”

“Have now had two osteopathy appointments with Marion at ‘Fountain Therapies’ and I really do feel like a new woman – no pain, better posture & feel straighter!! I had been struggling with an old shoulder injury on and off for 6 years, tried all sorts (predominately physio) but never really sorted it. When I went to Marion for my first app a couple of weeks ago I was in a good deal of pain and pretty desperate but found the work she did on me brought such relief and was so beneficial, I haven’t looked back. I just wish I had found her sooner – would have saved myself a lot of pain, time & money! Thanks again ”
Y. Kilby

“Very Professional”

I used the phlebotomy service this morning. What a lovely, friendly and welcoming place. Very professional, would highly recommend- thank you!. ”
C. Knapp

“I am very lucky!”

“I consider I am very lucky to have Fountain Therapies so close to my home. Sam and Mark run a professional yet personal Holistic Wellness Centre which includes all aspects of complementary medicine/s. Sam always wants to find an answer for any problem I have gone to her about (ie. my little dog) and all at sensible prices. I have found Dawn and Victoria brilliant too. ”

“Thought it was about time l put my huge thanks to you Samantha in writing”.

As you know, earlier this year l climbed Kilimanjaro, and apart from the obvious anxieties l really didn’t want to succumb to mountain sickness and have to take Diamox (l tried it before l went and had hideous side effects!), or worse still have to come down the mountain before l reached the top. Mountain sickness can affect any one at any time and having read up on it l decided to take some homeopathic remedies with me and only use Diamox as a last resort. From the comprehensive list of suggestions you made, l decided to take with me Coca 200c, Silica 30c (couldn’t get 200c) and Carbo Veg 200c. I was very fortunate in that l did not suffer any symptoms until the last few days on the mountain when l suffered a slight headache and mild nausea, l immediately started taking the remedies (one of each (!) every few hours) and the symptoms disappeared. From then on l took one of each, each morning and evening and on the last couple of days we were popping them about every hour or two! Although strangely l didn’t need them on summit night. My mountain buddy Kirsty suffered symptoms quite badly so l dosed her up as well! We got to the very top symptom free. I put this down mainly to the homeopathic remedies, but also drinking copious amounts of water (4-5 litres a day), and taking the path very slowly and ascending gradually, our guides were brilliant at this. Our two guides said between them they had taken over 500 groups up the mountain, but they had never before encountered anyone who did not suffer symptoms of altitude sickness and did not take Diamox, so for me that is sound evidence that homeopathic remedies have a part to play, not that l needed it. Thank you so much for your kind advice and guidance, which l know played a big part in the success of our adventure.
K Cooper

“Fab Session”

“Fab session with my amazing homeopath Samantha Doyle at Fountain Therapies can’t recommend her highly
Carol Carbine

“A Huge Thank You!”

“A huge Thank You to Sam at Fountain Therapies for the Reiki treatment this afternoon. I feel so much better and the chest pain is less intense as the painkillers wear off. The muscles have let go and not so tender..”

“Wow, what a day!”

“Thank you so much for all the thought you put into training, the content of the day and how you delivered it. For me, it was pretty amazing to experience the energy flowing through the room and I came home, feeling well, content, energised and very much at peace with the world. Thanks again Dawn.”