“No Hesitation in returning…”

“Thank you very much for helping my sister Helen on Monday, very much appreciated. Helen would also like to say a big thank you to Piotr who she found very patient and understanding to the point she would have no hesitation in returning in the future, for Helen that’s quite something!.”

-S. Young

I have had several sessions of healing and massage with Liz. I find Liz very comfortable to be around, she is a true professional with a lot of experience in both healing and massage. She really makes you feel relaxed. I feel much more calm and relaxed and uplifted. Her working environment is very peaceful and relaxed and of a high standard. Her prices are great value for money. I would highly recommend her.


“No Pain, Better Posture…”

“Have now had two osteopathy appointments with Marion at ‘Fountain Therapies’ and I really do feel like a new woman – no pain, better posture & feel straighter!! I had been struggling with an old shoulder injury on and off for 6 years, tried all sorts (predominately physio) but never really sorted it. When I went to Marion for my first app a couple of weeks ago I was in a good deal of pain and pretty desperate but found the work she did on me brought such relief and was so beneficial, I haven’t looked back. I just wish I had found her sooner – would have saved myself a lot of pain, time & money! Thanks again ”
– Y. Kilby

“Very Professional”

“I used the phlebotomy service this morning. What a lovely, friendly and welcoming place. Very professional, would highly recommend- thank you!. ”
– C. Knapp

“Thought it was about time l put my huge thanks to you Samantha in writing”.

As you know, earlier this year l climbed Kilimanjaro, and apart from the obvious anxieties l really didn’t want to succumb to mountain sickness and have to take Diamox (l tried it before l went and had hideous side effects!), or worse still have to come down the mountain before l reached the top. Mountain sickness can affect any one at any time and having read up on it l decided to take some homeopathic remedies with me and only use Diamox as a last resort.

From the comprehensive list of suggestions you made, l decided to take with me Coca 200c, Silica 30c (couldn’t get 200c) and Carbo Veg 200c.

I was very fortunate in that l did not suffer any symptoms until the last few days on the mountain when l suffered a slight headache and mild nausea, l immediately started taking the remedies (one of each (!) every few hours) and the symptoms disappeared. From then on l took one of each, each morning and evening and on the last couple of days we were popping them about every hour or two! Although strangely l didn’t need them on summit night. My mountain buddy Kirsty suffered symptoms quite badly so l dosed her up as well! We got to the very top symptom free.

I put this down mainly to the homeopathic remedies, but also drinking copious amounts of water (4-5 litres a day), and taking the path very slowly and ascending gradually, our guides were brilliant at this. Our two guides said between them they had taken over 500 groups up the mountain, but they had never before encountered anyone who did not suffer symptoms of altitude sickness and did not take Diamox, so for me that is sound evidence that homeopathic remedies have a part to play, not that l needed it.

Thank you so much for your kind advice and guidance, which l know played a big part in the success of our adventure.

 – K Cooper

“I am very lucky!”

“I consider I am very lucky to have Fountain Therapies so close to my home. Sam and Mark run a professional yet personal Holistic Wellness Centre which includes all aspects of complementary medicine/s. Sam always wants to find an answer for any problem I have gone to her about (ie. my little dog) and all at sensible prices. I have found Dawn and Victoria brilliant too. ”
– L.H

“A Huge Thank You!”

“A huge Thank You to Sam at Fountain Therapies for the Reiki treatment this afternoon. I feel so much better and the chest pain is less intense as the painkillers wear off. The muscles have let go and not so tender..”
– L.S

“Wow, what a day!”

“Thank you so much for all the thought you put into training, the content of the day and how you delivered it. For me, it was pretty amazing to experience the energy flowing through the room and I came home, feeling well, content, energised and very much at peace with the world. Thanks again Dawn.”
– G.T

“Fab Session”

“Fab session with my amazing homeopath Samantha Doyle at Fountain Therapies can’t recommend her highly enough! ”
– Carol Carbine

I would highly recommend Fountain Therapies. Mark and Sam Doyle run a very professional/clean establishment. Sam is a qualified homeopath and I have used her on many occasions, she has also treated my son for his many footballing injuries. I have also used one of the many treatments on offer a full body massage which was also excellent.
C. Lane
I was literally blown away with the accuracy of this lovely lady. She knew things about my life and my loved ones (present and past) by simply knowing my name. What a gift this lady has!
I was looking for guidance and reassurance and I left feeling uplifted and positive about what lies ahead. Debbie transmits positive energy, delivered with sincerity, precision and empathy. I have had some poor readings in the last couple of years and Debbie has reignited my belief in this magical gift. I would highly, highly recommend xxx
N. Scillitoe

I would like to say that I visited Fountain Therapies and had a very good experience. Not only were they welcoming but very professional in manner and service. The venue looks good and is well kept. I would recommend it to others and you will find it in a convenient location. The Indian head massage I had was very relaxing. I would definitely go back again.

K. Ardisson
Reiki is amazing. Samantha Doyle at Fountain Therapies is the best for Reiki. On Wednesday Gabriella was burning up with flu, sore throat and coughing. Dr said she had a chest infection with swollen glands.. We decided to use homoeopathy and delay the offered Antibiotics. Friday She had to go back to Drs to check what was happening with the infection.
Thursday morning she was still burning up and feeling really poorly. Took her to Sam for Reiki and she improved almost instantly. Slept 15 hours last night and today her check up revealed that the infection had cleared. She is bright and feeling a lot better. So happy that we managed to avoid antibiotics, as having Antibiotics with Fructose Intolerance would have caused many more problems.
My recent sessions with Debbie have proved to be an awakening for me. She has such a wealth of experience that I did not have to explain everything in minute detail, she understood straight away. I found the clear and very quick form of communication that developed between us invaluable. It allowed me to cover a lot of ground in a short space of time. When teaching mindfulness exercises her instructions were so simple yet effective that I had no resistance grasping the fundamentals, in fact I was grateful for that as I needed solid working tools right away. Although the material we covered was serious she made each session fun and often I found myself laughing at the obvious. Yet when the going got rough she was there as a reliable support so I could feel totally safe to truthfully express myself. I would recommend Debbie to any of my friends.
Maureen Austin

Visited Fountain Therapies for the first time today for a Reiki session for my teenage daughter, who six months ago suddenly developed epilepsy. I decided to do some research into alternative therapies and I saw testimonials suggesting some sufferers of this condition have found Reiki to be beneficial. We arrived at Fountain Therapies and swiftly found ourselves with a very welcomed hot drink on what was a chilly morning! Sam took us into her treatment room which had a very relaxing atmosphere, with the help of the soft glow of a salt lamp coupled with gentle music. Sam noted down my daughter’s history and fully explained to us what she would be doing and how Reiki works. My daughter then laid down on the couch and the treatment began. She found it very relaxing and Sam answered any questions that we had, and explained exactly what she was doing and sensing. Whether this directly will have a positive effect on my daughter’s condition may be difficult to say. What she experienced was extreme relaxation, and as with any ailment or condition, that can only be a good thing. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Angie Ellis

had a Reiki session with Sam whilst My husband enjoyed his Swedish Massage (well deserved birthday treat). We were welcomed into a warm and calm reception which smelt heavenly. We were introduced to our therapists and offered a drink. I felt calmer already!I went with Sam to into a private room to talk through my medical history so she could tailor her treatment. I was then asked to get comfortable on the therapy bed in a clean, calming and warm room with a nice snug blanket placed over me to keep me warm.Sam uses stones and crystals as well as Reiki techniques. I felt comfortable enough to almost nod off whilst enjoying the treatment.For those who are sceptical about Reiki….It is non intrusive and very pleasant.

Even if you don’t believe in the theory (light and energy unblocking your body so it can better heal itself) it really equates to much needed 1-1 relax time which I personally think does everyone the world of good! 5 star treatment.

Nichola St.George

“Very helpful and welcoming place”

“After losing my gift voucher during a house move, they managed to find the details of it so I wouldn’t miss out. The place is calming, and the massage itself was brilliant. Both members of staff were very friendly, time went too quickly!”
– L.B

Thank you so much Liz for the emergency treatment you gave me on Monday. The Indian Head Massage really helped with the soreness that was causing me so much discomfort. The Reiki was amazing and the massage on my back really helped too. Your commitment and dedication in helping people heal is exceptional. When I had the pain in my shoulder last year (2014), your treatment really helped in conjunction with the other therapies to get it back to normal. I would highly recommend your services to others. Thank you.
Dawn, I just want to say thank you so very much for the Energy Work and Cranial Sacral treatment that I have received from you over the last year and a half. My energy levels and indeed posture have improved. I feel much calmer, and in particular the pain in my shoulder (combined with other treatments) have thankfully now totally gone. I am so delighted that I was introduced to you by a friend of mine whom you treated nearly two years ago. You are a star!

Samantha and Mark has created a centre of excellence for natural healing, remedies and therapies.

David Lintonbon
I would recommend Debbie a thousand percent! I’m blown away by her teaching and also her knowledge but best of all how down to earth she is which makes you feel instantly at ease and in the hands of a true professional
Alex D
Fabulous service and highly recommended x
L. Carter

Very welcoming and offer a wide range of complimentary therapies.


Great service and great excellent products

D. Alt

I can’t remember what it feels like to have no pain in my back, Marion is amazing I will be making sure I see her regularly for maintenance. Will be back!

C. H