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Menstrual Cycle and Menopause Support in Crawley, West Sussex

I am a women’s coach and trained with Alexandra Pope, the founder of Red School and author of many books on the subject.

If you are experiencing the common challenges with your cycle such as exhaustion, PMT, pain, emotional overwhelm, sleep disturbance and anxiety, working with me can help to alleviate the problems and support you with working with your cycle in a positive way.
During our cycle, we have different energies and abilities at different times of the month and unless we acknowledge that, we experience a lot of challenges.  Honouring our natural rhythms is paramount to our menstrual health and well-being and helps us to live our lives well.

Menopause can bring its own set of challenges including hot flushes, night sweats, brain fog, aching joints, sleep problems and emotional overwhelm.  Working with me will support you in viewing this key change in a positive way and teach you how to walk the journey well.  Rest and good self-care are non-negotiable during this transition and often women are held back from doing what is right for them due to many reasons, one of which is feeling that they have to be there for everyone else.

I offer support through holistic therapy (including aromatherapy, restorative energy healing and Bach Flower Remedies), mentoring and coaching and through the deeply nourishing practices of Women’s Wellness Yoga Therapy.  Women’s Wellness Yoga works specifically with women’s bodies and the natural cycles of our lives including fertility, menstrual cycle, postnatal, menopause and post-menopause.  Women need different practices from the usual yoga that is out there, and these practices are developed by women for women, respecting our bodies and minds and offering a softer, more nourishing approach.

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60 Mins

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Women’s Quest Coach. Embodied Therapy (BSET) ITEC A&P, ITEC and MTI Holistic Massage, ITEC Aromatherapy, Qualified meditation, yoga nidra and Dance of Awareness teacher. Qualified in ScarWork, Bach Flowers and Myofascial Unwinding and Energywork.

I’m Nalini and am a yoga and meditation teacher, holistic therapist and a menstrual and menopause coach.

I can help with many conditions including:

  1. Menstrual and menopause challenges including PMT, pain, hot flushes and emotional challenge
  2. Fertility, pregnancy and postnatal with aromatherapy and womb yoga practices
  3. Scar healing including Caesarean Birth, breast surgery and joint replacements
  4. Stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  5. Fibromyalgia and CFS
  6. Sleep issues
  7. Grief and loss

I specialise in women’s wellness yoga… deeply nourishing practices, that support women through all stages of life including fertility, menstrual cycle, post-natal, peri and menopause.  I also work with Yoga Nidra, both in classes and one to ones.  Yoga Nidra is a key tool for calming down the hyper-arousal response common to stress, anxiety and PTSD as well as being a sublime practice for deep rest and relaxation.  It is also of great help during fertility, for menstrual and menopause challenges.

I work with women’s issues including menstrual and menopause challenges (pain, hot flushes, joint pain, PMT etc), stress, anxiety, grief, emotional challenges, sleep problems, fibromyalgia and CFS, life changes, life direction and many other health issues.  I also support women pre and post pregnancy through yoga, breathwork and aromatherapy.

As an aromatherapist and energy worker I hold sacred healing space for deeply healing and restful sessions.  I make my own natural range of products and support women during pregnancy and postnatally, providing both sessions and products to ease the symptoms of problems including cracked nipples, breast milk flow and aches and pains.

I run fun and informative workshops on healing herbs and plants, and how to make remedies at home.   Making your own calendula oil, for example, is so worthwhile as it will treat both you and your baby’s skin troubles organically and economically without the need for harsh, commercial products. For women, our connection to the earth, her gifts and her cycles is a fundamental part of our femininity.   Without being rooted and grounded, we are not at home in our own bodies.

I am also a ScarWork therapist, working with scar healing for scars including C-Birth, breast surgery including mastectomy, and joint replacement.  These gentle techniques encourage healing on both a physical and emotional level.


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“Fab session with my amazing homeopath Samantha Doyle at Fountain Therapies can’t recommend her highly enough! ”

Carol Carbine

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“What a lovely, friendly and welcoming place. Very professional, would highly recommend- thank you!. ”


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