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Homeopathy in Crawley

Many clients come to me stating they are frustrated because conventional medical treatment has not been effective in helping them get the health results they want. They tell me they are tired of taking medical drugs and they want to try homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a holistic science and as such it addresses the whole person – physical symptoms, emotions, genetic influences, stressors, and the underlying causes of your health problems. Homeopathy views symptoms as the body’s natural response in fighting an illness. Homeopathic remedies, when properly prescribed, can eliminate the underlying cause of disease, thus establishing a healthy balance between our body and the environment.

  • Safe and easy to use

  • Addresses the issues rather than trying to hide them

  • Can help from the common cold through to pains, aches and seasonal fevers

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£7560 mins


£50per 30 mins
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LSEH, RHom MARH. Registered Homeopath, Reiki Master & Physiospect

I qualified in 2007 from the South East College of Homeopathy. I am a qualified and experienced Homeopath and a Reiki Master. I have a warm and friendly personality and having three children of my own, I am able to relate to children in my consulting room.

Since 2009, I have been the first Homeopath in the UK with the latest version of the Physiospect Diagnostic software devised by Russian Scientists. This software tool may be able to detect and analyze the strengths and weaknesses in the human body. Ailments may be years from a conventional diagnosis.

All the therapies are based on healing out of balance energy so that the body can work effectively. Energy blocks can manifest into illness (Pathological changes). The Physiospect Diagnostics is a way to see where the energy blockages are in your body, what is causing them and what you can do about them. 22nd Century technology today!


See just some of the feedback and comments from some of our patients who have experienced the benefits at Fountain Therapies

“Fab session with my amazing homeopath Samantha Doyle at Fountain Therapies can’t recommend her highly enough! ”

Carol Carbine

“I consider I am very lucky to have Fountain Therapies so close to my home. Sam and Mark run a professional yet personal Holistic Wellness Centre”


“What a lovely, friendly and welcoming place. Very professional, would highly recommend- thank you!. ”


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