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Ear Wax Removal, Crawley, West Sussex

Ear wax can easily become impacted in the ear canal causing a blocked feeling, earache or ear infection, itchiness, tinnitus and dizziness. Also ear wax can interfere with the effectiveness of the hearing aids. Audiology Plus provides quick, safe and effective ear wax removal using a microsuction and curette technique according to UK standards. GP referral is not required, however, this is a chargeable service. No long waiting list.

Ear Wax – The bodily process of producing ear wax is completely natural. For many people ear wax goes unnoticed and does not cause any complications. Ear Wax usually migrates out of the ear and does not cause any problems. However, in some people this does not occur and can build up and become impacted inside the ear canal.

Microsuction – It is a safe and comfortable method of earwax removal. A microscope and a finely balanced medical suction device is used to remove the ear wax. The fact that we can clearly see the ear canal and what we are doing makes it exceptionally safe. With no liquids involved it is especially comfortable for the patient and it is usually undertaken in a few minutes. A typical appointment to remove wax from both ears should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Ear Drops – Use of ear drops for 3-5 days initially, to soften wax is recommended. They can be purchased from our reception without the need for prescription.

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Senior Clinical Specialist Audiologist & Hearing Aid Consultant

Piotr has a comprehensive knowledge in clinical physiology and audiology and hearing aids technology.

Piotr has been working in the audiology field for almost 12 years. He started as an Assistant Audiologist in Surrey Primary Care Trust NHS. He completed his training in Clinical Physiology & Audiology at Middlesex University in London in 2009, followed by a FdSc in Hearing Aid Audiology. He continued his studies and successfully achieved BSc (Hons) in Hearing Science from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. This helped him to register as a Clinical Audiologist with RCCP (Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists), who governs the NHS Audiologists.


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