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Coaching, Crawley, West Sussex

1-2-1 bespoke well-being coaching
You can start having a more positive life today!
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Whether there are issues within your working environment, or in your personal life, any issue that is impacting on your emotional and physical well-being, coaching will provide the tools to change and manage issues positively.

Stress, why it is so damaging to your health?
Stress and anxiety about any concerns, can cause a feeling of emotional imbalance, a negative mindset and can create you having poor physical health. This can lead to conditions such as high blood pressure, lack of quality sleep, heart palpitations, and many other more serious conditions. You may experience low energy levels and a feeling of being unable to cope emotionally, and generally feel weak and unwell. Imagine how great you will feel when you have a positive mindset, more relaxed attitude and be able to communicate with ease

You will experience emotional and physical well-being and increased energy levels. You will experience more positive relationships and make decisions effectively to enhance your life with confidence. All of this is possible, and can be easily achieved through 1-2-1 well-being coaching
Coaching is at your pace with goals you set with the support of a professional well-being coach. Coaching is beneficial for all adults and young people individually, or coaching holistically within the family to have a calm and positive environment for everyone.

Specialising in:

Building personal confidence, positive communication, managing conflict situations effectively, managing stress positively, mindfulness and eliminating negative behaviour patterns.
Here are a few examples where coaching can be most effective :-

recognising and managing stress effectively
relationship issues
depression and anxiety
mindfulness – living in the present
removing negative behaviour patterns and negative attachments
learning to relax and unwind effectively
goal setting
assertive communication
job/career change
conflict situations – at work or in your personal life

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30 Mins


60 Mins

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Clairvoyant & Medium ; Mindfulness Coach

I am a qualified personal life coach, a mindfulness practitioner, and conflict management/mediation practitioner, cognitive behavioural and art therapist. I have been practicing mindfulness and one-to-one individual coaching for over 20 years. I have made many positive changes to my own life with these practices, and have gaining an inner strength and feeling of calm and wellbeing.

I have also been a practitioner in conflict management, mediation and art therapy for 12 years, where I specialised in working with troubled young people in the criminal justice system for West Sussex County Council, working with young people to reduce their offending negative behaviours, and helping the victim of that offence to be able to move forward with more confidence and repair some of the harm which had been caused.


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“Fab session with my amazing homeopath Samantha Doyle at Fountain Therapies can’t recommend her highly enough! ”

Carol Carbine

“I consider I am very lucky to have Fountain Therapies so close to my home. Sam and Mark run a professional yet personal Holistic Wellness Centre”


“What a lovely, friendly and welcoming place. Very professional, would highly recommend- thank you!. ”


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