I trained professionally as a Metaphysical therapist 22 years ago.

Metaphysical = Moving beyond what is holding you stuck…What no longer serves you in life.

In this time my experience has been diverse working within the NHS, Palliative Care, Mental illness, Addictions, Dementia as well as private practice.

As a metaphysical therapist, I am able to guide you to heal emotional, physical and spiritual issues.

In doing so you are able to reclaim back your innate divine power. Better equipped to make the right decisions in life, empowered with a new sense of purpose. Thus allowing, a self-belief with an open-hearted inner peace and self-fulfilment. There has never been a greater time than now to awaken your personal power of divinity.

In my private practice as an experienced Spiritual Coach, teacher and Shamanic practitioner, I continue to help people to heal, become self- empowered to transform one’s life.

Relationship issues, Sexual Abuse, Psychological Abuse, Physical Abuse, Divorce, Grief, Anger, Stress, Childhood Wounds, Depression, Loss of purpose, Low Self- Esteem, Lack of Self-Confidence, Lack of Self- Love …In other words, any issues that have caused you to feel disconnected from self and others. In Shamanic terms, we call it “soul loss” in psychotherapy it is the same but, known as disassociation.

I am very happy to offer you free phone consultations to give you the best optimum choice in determining the right treatment for your individual needs. Tel no: 03333 448188

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