Now Homeopathic remedies can help fight the Grey!

Now Homeopathic remedies can help fight the Grey!

Most people who go grey early have nothing more to worry about than their appearance. Early greying makes a person look years older than the actual age and can be quite a concern and an embarrassment for some people. In fact, in today’s society, greyness is almost becoming a trend with more and more people embracing this change in their lives.

The first onset of grey hair, or canities as it is medically referred to, and the speed at which people go grey varies considerably from person to person. Most people actually start going grey in their late 20s but don’t notice it immediately. The time and speed of grey hair onset is due in part to genetics, and early onset of grey hair can run in families. Occasionally, a few grey hairs can develop in children, even as young as eight years and generally develop with increasing age. The gradual development of grey hair occurs when melanocytes produce less pigment.

Premature Greying As A Sign Of Disease
Premature greying can also (in some cases)be a sign of disease wherein the greying is not hereditary but is caused by an underlying disease. It can occur with a number of conditions, including hyperthyroidism, hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism and pernicious anemia (greying of hair along with symptoms of fatigue, shortness of breath and possibly chest pains), genetic disorders, Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Homeopathy and premature greying
With so many reasons attributed to hair losing its colour, it is important to find the underlying cause for the greying. Once this is done, the condition is best attended to by homeopathy. It is often possible to reverse greying, particularly when it is caused due to an underlying ailment.

However, in heredity cases, the greying cannot be reversed but can be effectively controlled. Homeopathic medicines are constitutional and individually specific. They help to control further spread of grey hair by tackling the underlying cause. Along with the treatment, good dietary guidance is also a must.

Talk to a member of our team today about using Homepathy remedies to help combat greyness or other ailments.

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