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Organic Beauty Facial with Neal’s Yard – Now Available

Why have an Organic Beauty Facial?
A regular Organic Beauty Facial using Neals Yard Organic beauty products as part of your normal skincare regime will give your skin an extra deep cleanse, massage the face and neck to improve the muscle tone, reducing sagging, wrinkles and lines, improving circulation and the radiance of your skin.
Benefits of an Organic Beauty Facial

Organic Beauty Facials improve the health and appearance of your skin especially if you have a facial on a regular basis (every 2-6 weeks depending on your skin condition); a Neals Yard Organic Beauty Facial once a year will be a real treat but will not produce the long lasting results you are looking for, such as:

  • Slows down premature ageing
  • Improves circulation for healthier skin
  • Relaxes nerves and muscles
  • Skin looks brighter and clearer
  • Softens wrinkles and lines
  • Deep cleanse
  • Great stress buster
  • Improves your mood and confidence

Choose an Organic Beauty Facial to suit you
All organic Beauty Facial treatments will be tailored to your skin type and condition using Neal’s Yard Organics (NYR). Neal’s Yard are a British Company of certified organic health and beauty products to suit all skin types; normal, dry, sensitive, oily, combination, dehydrated, mature and youthful.

You can then choose which Organic fragrances suit your mood to make the experience even more enjoyable. With an added bonus of a hand massage while waiting for your face mask to work its wonders.



Lymphatic Drainage Massage coming in July

Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle, full-body massage treatment which helps to detoxify the body and stimulate the body’s immune system to promote healing and to fight infection.

The Lymphatic system is a broad system of vessels which transport fluid between the Lymph glands. This process uses muscular movement to trigger its infection fighting detox function. Through gentle massage, the Lymphatic system helps the body move excess toxins, water and metabolic waste in a way that cleanses the body and promotes the immune system. Lymphatic Drainage is recommended for people whose bodies are recovering from infections, chronic tiredness, swelling and those that typically have low immunity to disease.

Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

It is an effective treatment for a variety of issues including:

  • oedema, swollen ankles/legs, puffy eyes
  • water retention
  • poor circulation
  • lymphoedema
  • skin disorders, cellulite
  • detox and cleansing
  • autoimmune disorders
  • headache
  • general tiredness
  • sinus congestion
  • stress
  • conditions arising from venous insufficiency
  • digestive disorders
  • tissue congestion and minimising scar formation before and after surgery
  • relieving oedema, fibrosis, pain and tension after post-mastectomy therapy

If you have severe medical oedema, then this massage may be used in conjunction with any specialised treatment that you are receiving from a medical specialist. Permission from your medical specialist should be sought before continuing to ensure your current treatment and health is not compromised. More information on the treatment can be found by clicking this link

For more information on all these treatments or to book an appointment please give us a call 01444 401271.

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