Jet Lag


Living and working in the same town as the busiest single runway in the World aka London Gatwick Airport, I feel compelled to write about the phenomenon called Jet Lag.  Descynchronosis is its medical term or Time zone change syndrome.

We all look forward to going on holiday, the excitement of getting away from it all for a short or long period of time travelling the World.  Depending on where in the World you are going, whether by land or sea your pineal gland is the smallest gland in your brain (which secretes melatonin) will have to take itself (and you) through various time zones.  Thereby causing the Circadian rhythm (your body clock) to be out of kilter for a few days until it can adjust to the new time zone.  This can cause a lot of frustration for the individual affected because they cannot get to sleep particularly if they are travelling for business or Sport.  It can ruin the first couple of days of a much longed for long haul holiday.

There are some homeopathic remedies that can help with symptoms of Jet Lag however, for a more comprehensive/bespoke remedy it may be worth contacting a Registered Homeopath

The list below are some (there are many of course) of the symptoms you may experience and the Homeopathic remedies suggested to alleviate your Jet Lag.

For bruised/achy & feelings of Exhaustion                             Arnica 30c

Feeling that your body is heavy or can’t move (paralysis)  Gelsemium 30C

If your sleep pattern is disturbed                                              Cocculus 30C* / Helios Sleep combination remedy

If your sleep is disturbed, anxious, restless                            Arsenicum Album 30c

The remedies mentioned are available for purchase or order from our online shop at  or for a Homeopathic Consultation please contact Samantha Doyle – Registered Homeopath LSECH RHOM MARH

Telephone:   01444 401271

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*Cocculus 30c cannot be ordered online, this remedy can be given after speaking with our Homeopath.

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