It’s coming home … the Euros 2020 was just the rehearsal!

I am writing this article because not only am I a Homeopath whose hometown is Crawley, West Sussex, and it is also where Gareth Southgate – England’s Manager, lived and played football(learning his craft & skill) as a youngster and teenager.

As my children are very much into Sport – Gymnastics & Football, I thought that I would focus on how people in the Sports arena may benefit from Homeopathy to help assist their training and recovery time, including injury recovery.

From my husband’s and I point of view, seeing our Children train as hard as they do to be the best they can be at Gymnastics and Football yet having to deal with injuries, (some minor and some major) it is important for us as their parents to give them the best chance of recovery. This is helped by my being a Registered Homeopath and knowing how to treat their injuries after they have
visited the NHS Urgent Treatment Centre. This helps to limit the time they are away from the Gymnastics Hall or the Field of Play. As most Athletes who have suffered injury can testify after the initial recovery period, it can take 6 months or longer to get back to the level of fitness they had prior to the injury. I have treated athletes at Professional and semi-professional levels with Homeopathy and Reiki.

Most Sporting injuries that Athletes suffer range from groin & hamstring injuries; sprains in legs; arms etc. However, we cannot forget there is the Mental & Emotional aspect that needs to be considered first and foremost. The two Sporting finals this weekend – Wimbledon Ladies and the Men’s Final. In the first week of Wimbledon, players were slipping on the wet grass. Serena Williams bowed out graciously due to an ongoing injury to her ankle.

The European 2020 Cup Final on Sunday 13 th July 2021 was (and still is) in many people’s thoughts. Hearts and minds were heightened each time that Gareth Southgate’s fabulous young England team won a game eventually to the Cup Final on Sunday. Football songs being sung, families and friends being together again, copious amounts of smiling happy people – the mood uplifted after the Country & Nation have been in the doldrums for the past 18 months! The British weather behaved itself too! The match started and the roads around where eerily quiet (reminiscent of that first lockdown last year). Here was a feeling of togetherness again. Adrenalin & Cortisol (and Alcohol) coursing through our bodies. Cheers of joy when after that first goal 2 minutes into the game, we really believed this was it! I do not need to go into the rest of the game, except the injuries sustained – studs in sensitive areas, etc. Then the missed penalties! The disappointment etched on their faces, guilt, sadness, grief. The ‘come down’ from euphoria to disappointment.

Homeopathic remedies can be really helpful in helping to rebalance the mental / emotional symptoms, as well as the amounts of physical stress put on the human body. They did not let themselves down. They deserved to win! They were so dignified and to me, this isjust a rehearsal for the World Cup next year!

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