How to combat food allergies

How to combat food allergies

We all know about different food allergies that affect all people, of all ages and all walks of life. Peanut allergies have been noted for years and can be one of the most dangerous around for those who have this.

Even allergies to food such as mushrooms, which may seem a little out there, have in fact been causing people all sorts or issues. Regardless of the severity, the problems exist and more and more people are having to adapt their way of thinking, living and (of course) eating to ensure that they do not develop any more telling symptoms.

Although modern medicine goes a long way to ease these issues, combating the underlying problem has never been achieve – unless of course you are open to and willing to try alternative healing procedures.

Reiki is one great alternative to combating food allergies and is often forgotten or little is know about this healing modality. In fact reiki has long been established as a way to speed up recovery and help prevent future health issues for many years and might explain why now we are starting to see practitioners working along NHS staff in hospitals.

So how effective is it at combating these allergies?

One reiki client received treatment following an allergy to eggs – strange but yes eggs where his main issue. They caused nothing but upset stomach, intense pains and even sickness if ingested. In fact it got to the stage that anything with egg in was potentially an no go!

Just after two sessions he was able to tolerate and start eating eggs again – a year later no side effects or even recurring problems. And today? Still the same – living, eating egg based products along with cooked eggs and no ill affects whatsoever.

Of course you have to be careful and although this patient did not have a life threatening allergy, it means that he is more comfortable and able to carry on his life normally.

But what about severe cases you may ask? Well reiki may heal these but at the worse will help ease the situation and calm the allergy down without the need for modern medicines or allow you to reduce the medicine you are taking.

Whatever your allergy is, is it not worth 5 mins of your time to see if reiki can help you? after all what’s 5 mins compared to having a allergy free living?



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