“Homeopathy can’t possibly work” …. But it does and Modern Science technology proves it!

Since the discovery of Penicillin, Homeopathy fell out of favour because no-one could explain how it worked and sadly this is still the opinion of many people because they don’t want to listen nor understand.  Even Simon Singh and his buddies still infiltrate the Powers that be to try and get Homeopathy banned etc etc etc.    Diluted substances?  The memory of Water?  Newtonian physics and Chemistry couldn’t explain how this form of medicine rediscovered by Samuel Hahnemann in the 1700’s (who was himself a chemist and physician) worked.  It can’t possibly be true.  Now roll onto the 21st Century.  Scientific equipment that can even detect the spark of life leaving the body upon death has discovered Quantum Physics.  

In the 1980’s I watched an American Programme called Quantum Leap which to a teenager was incredible.  Quantum Physics is in the here and now.  We have bio-resonance machines,  I have one called the PHYSIOSPECT capable of detecting energetic blocks that may at some stage become an ailment in somebody.  Clear that energy block and the body can rebalance itself.  Rather like ripples in a pond resettle after a while and the water is still again.  We have Reiki, that is now used in some Hospital settings. It is was unseen energy until the invention of sensitive measuring equipment. The discovery in the structure of water.  The discovery that each snowflake has a different structure.  Water holds memory. The discovery that water can detect vibrations of an earthquake from across the other side of the World. Ever wonder how water has a skin around each raindrop?  

If you have time look at https://www.bbc.co.uk/science/horizon/2002/homeopathytrans.shtm

I wonder if James Randi who is a paranormal investigator’s offer of a $1 Million to anyone who could find how Homeopathy works is still running? Sometimes the mysteries of the World and Universe are still that …. a mystery.

Or are they?  Fast forward from the Noughties to the Twenties.

The following is an extract from www.WDDTY.com on page 65


Altern Complement Med. 2012;18 258-61

‘Experiments have also shown that water can be ‘tuned’ in a resonant manner by electromagnetic information transfer (EMIT) and pass the information onto human cells.’

In 2019 writing about further research in this field J Altern Complement Med. 2019; 25:890-901 states “Because of the kinetics of fields, a drug an act even in the absence of molecules” 

Dr Massimo Citro and Ervin Laszlo write in their book ‘The basic code of the Universe: The Science of the Invisible in Physics, Medicine & Spirituality that ‘The informed fields of two entities (plant, animal, mineral or human) can interact in a simple way or in a transgressing way …. Transgressing interactions occur when the field of one substance is powerful enough to make the emission of its’ signals so intense, they become sufficiently penetrating to transgress the field of the other substance.   The transgressed field changes its rhythm and enters into a new matter state by becoming similar to the other substance.  Similarly, in the preparation of a homeopathic remedy the succession that transmits the oscillation of the solute (the substance dissolved) to the water molecules creates a transgressive interaction.

Several sets of replicated high quality experiments show that optical spectroscopy, electrical impedance measurements, plus something called NMR relaxation (nuclear spin polarization) that occurs under the influence of a nuclear magnetic resonance device, provide evidence for 

“specific physicochemical properties of Homeopathic preparations.” 

Could it be that the $1 Million could be awarded now?

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