Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps & Candle Holders

We are now stocking a range of Salt Crystal Lamps and Candle Holders below is some more information about the health benefits of Salt Lamps.

Salt Crystal Lamps are made from Crystals of natural rock salt, which has lain below ground for around 260 million years. Once mined, the crystals are fashioned entirely by hand in small village workshops (Kashmir) where the highly skilled craftsman use their age-old family skills to produce work of outstanding natural beauty. Because all of the work is carried out by hand, and because the crystals from which the lamps are made are themselves variable, each lamp is unique in colour, design and weight.

The natural mineral in rock salt determines the wonderful look of the crystal. For example, iron imparts a red tone and mangenese contributes yellow and orange. The air we breathe consists of ions (atoms or groups of atoms) that carry either a positive or negative electrical charge. Computers, TV sets, air conditioners, tobacco smoke and many other by-products of modern living produce positively ionised air, which is harmful to our health. Negatively ionised air is generated by environments such as mountains, the seaside and waterfall, and by mechanical means such as thunderstorms, gentle heat and Salt Crystal Lamps.

The most common benefits are reductions in rheumatism, allergies, respiratory ailments, sleeplessness, migraine, high blood pressure physical and psychological disorders, mild depression etc. In addition to the proven benefits of negative ionisation, many people also experience a reduction in stress due to the gentle, soothing colours.

Salt Crystal Lamps and Candle Holders are recommended by both Feng Shui experts and architects for improving our working and living environments. They should be used in any room where you work, rest or sleep. For example, in the office near a computer, in your living rooms, as a romantic lamp in your bedroom, as a reassuring nightlight in children’s bedrooms and in every other room where a gentle, relaxing lamp and cleaner air will help you.

260 million years’ unrefined Himalayan salt crystals. 100% natural, pure and genuine – contains 84 ‘natural’ elements needed by the body. Now available at Fountain Therapies in Handcross

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