Helen Hayes
Helen HayesBeauty Therapist

I run a Beauty Treatment and Holistic Therapy business. I seek to show others natural beauty is real and that they can feel good. Natural is important to me and I am training in Reiki, moving forward towards my aim of be a grand master. I enjoy studying and have recently found I love yoga, & meditation. I also coach drama one to one, part time, always aiming to increase self confidence. Job entails – Beauty therapy & Holistic Treatments, using natural products, (Tropic) & Natural tools (Jade Gusha, Rose/Quartz wand and rollers). I Love to set a relaxing mood for clients, using candles (PartyLite) and aromatherapy.

I love theatre and write black comedy & poetry in my spare time. As a wife and mother or three, life is often challenging, but being a young granny is great. I adore travel and exploring, surprisingly to me, my sense of adventure has only grown with age. My aim everyday is to make someone smile. Namaste.

Getting to know Helen Hayes

Favourite food = Salmon
Favourite country = Greece
Favourite memory = Whilst Quading, in the Greek mountains, came across an almost deserted Monastery. The gardens of which were tiered steeply before disappearing (seemingly) off the edge of the mountain. I sat on the hot sun bleached stones, whilst Cicadas called in the trees and bathed in the warm rays. Peaceful, soothed, grateful and blessed.
Favourite music = Anything which has a real good beat.
Favourite quote = “Sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching, and live like it’s heaven on earth.” – Mark Twain
Secret crush = Benedict Cumberbatch
Original Career background = Teacher of Speech & Drama. Trained in beauty as well as an interest & therapy.
Inspiration aims = Going Green
Where do I see myself In 10 years = Cottage in the country
Top tip = Get the crappy jobs done first, then life always improves.
Top tip for life = Smile… it’s infectious