Hayfever Season’s Here

‘It’s that time of year …….. again!’

This is what you find most people saying or thinking when they suffer with Hayfever (aka Pollionosis & allergic rhinitis.)

If you don’t want to keep taking medications that have known side effects such as making you drowsy (so you can’t get on with your daily life – let alone drive a car or operate machinery) or you need extra help because the antihistamine or nasal spray dose can’t be repeated too often, then try looking to Homeopathy, Acupuncture & Probiotics. Yes, believe it or not, your gut health has a big part to play in allergies and food intolerances. For Daily Immunity with Vitamin C is a probiotic that may be helpful during the Hayfever season you can order here https://www.fountaintherapies.co.uk/product-category/optibac-probiotics/

Some Homeopaths recommend a Hayfever protocol which may help to support you during the ‘season’. However, this needs to be started before your ‘season’ starts and carried on during the season. I was looking the magazine entitled ‘The Homeopath’  (Summer 2008, 27:1),  the theme being Allergies. I was drawn to the article by Dr RAF Jack Chb FRCGP FFHOM FBSMDH entitled ‘Allergies in NHS General Practice’*.   He eloquently wrote: ‘Homeopathy is a wonderful way of treating allergies, because the symptoms produced by the allergic reaction can be matched by the symptoms produced by the Homeopathic remedy in crude form.’

A terrific example of this (as I learned in my Homeopathic training) is:  Think when you are preparing a meal with Onions. What happens? Your eyes start stinging, burning and start watering (unless you follow Old Wives tales, and they work for you. They never have for me).  Then what happens?  Your nose starts running.  Sometimes the burning sensation in your nose may be enough to start making your sneeze a lot (paroxysms), you may start wheezing or coughing. Finally, you can’t take anymore and run a cloth under cold water and place it over your very sore eyes. Oh, the relief! What happens to the onions? Well hopefully you have been able to see enough to cook them or get someone else to take over the cooking whilst you deal with your eyes. Guess what other thing can you those symptoms??? Allergies e.g., Pollen! Whether it is grass, tree, flower. Of course, there are several other plants, minerals and foods which can cause allergic reactions but for now we are talking about Hayfever.

Here’s the wonderful thing ….. It doesn’t have to be that way!!!

Did you know that a Homeopathic remedy called ALLIUM CEPA a is made out of the juice of a RED ONION. It is the energetic imprint of the juice of Red Onion which is used in Homeopathic remedies by a series of highly diluted processes. For those of you who have allergies that make your eyes itchy, watery, granually and the sclera (white of the eye) really gunky , then Homeopathic remedies such as Apis Mel (Honeybee), Euphrasia (Eyebright) Ragweed (Ambrosia, Sabadilla (Cevadilla seeds) may be helpful.  The selection of  Homeopathic remedies is vast there probably is one that matches your particular symptoms.

Here’s the wonderful thing ….. It doesn’t have to be that way!!!

Likewise a remedy made from a Honeybee is called Apis Mel and I have found that this is really helpful for allergies (if the symptom picture fits). It can be used alongside ‘Over the Counter’ antihistamines such as Piriton, Priteze, Bendryl, or GP prescription antihistamines. Alternatively we have a combination remedy Helios Hay Fever this Combines three remedies Allium cepa, Euphrasia and Sabadilla to form a homeopathic medicinal product used within the homeopathic tradition for the symptomatic relief of Hay Fever.

There are many other Homeopathic remedies which may assist with Hayfever symptoms but remember if your symptoms persist then you MUST contact your GP or your Registered Homeopath. Remember all the remedies mentioned in this article must be HOMEOPATHICALLY PREPARED and obtained from a Registered Homeopathic Pharmacy or Registered Homeopath (following a consultation)  where they can be ordered; Fountain Therapies stock the Helios range of remedies this can be purchased online or from our clinic in Handcross.

As Dr Alistair (RAF) Jack stated:
‘The treatment of hay fever illustrates various ways of using Homeopathic medicines:
Immediate relief from local remedies
Constitutional treatment
Densensitising treatment (Hayfever Protocol)
Immediate relief can be afforded by giving the ‘like’ medicine (that which most closely fits all the symptoms)’

There is an Adult Allergy Service at the NHS Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (formerly known as the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital), 60 Great Ormond Street. A GP referral is required for this service.

*NHS funding for Homeopathic remedies was withdrawn many years ago.  However, you are still able to get a referral for a Homeopathic consultation at the RLHIM. Please consult their website for further information.

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Disclaimer: This information in this article a guide and is NOT to be used as a replacement for your Healthcare provided by your Physician.  It is important to consult your GP or specialist in the first instance. If you suffer from severe allergic reactions (Anaplaxyis) you must contact 999 immediately or use an EPI-PEN prescribed by your GP

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