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“Mummy my eyes hurt”

A blog about Digital Vision (eye) Syndrome (over exposure to Blu-ray / Eye strain)

The title of this article is a comment made to me by my now 11-year-old daughter when she was home-schooling due to the Government restrictions over the past year and a bit.  I thought as this issue is probably something that many parents and carers are hearing & dealing with, I would make a blog about it.   You might like to know about some Homeopathic remedies that can help you and your family too, (Ruta helped my daughter).  There is a medical term for eye strain – Asthenopia.

During this unprecedented time of lockdowns; home-schooling; virtual reality & virtual socialising;  Children and adolescents are spending an increasing amount of time on electronic devices with their eyes in close proximity to screens.  They are not having the ‘luxury’ of being taught at a safe distance from an Interactive board in their classrooms.   Social interaction with their friends (the majority of the time now) is having to be carried out over the Social Media – a 21st Century symptom.  This is also unhealthy and taxing on their young minds, eyes & posture.

Here is a link that I found for Top Ten tips for Children and eye strain which has plenty of information and links to other interesting things too.


Digital Eye Screen Syndrome symptoms can range from frontal headaches, strained eyes, red/pink eyes, gritty sensation, neck pain etc.  We are not biologically designed to sit or lie down gazing at a blue light ray of complex pixels and colours for long periods of time.  We purchased some Children’s blue ray spectacles on-line a couple of months ago and that has really helped our daughter’s eyes.

This list of Homeopathic remedies is not exhaustive and further research is encouraged, but I hope that it will help parents and children, in fact anyone who is interested in helping their sore tired eyes.

Symptom Homeopathic remedy
Dry red eyes – feelings of sand or grit in them Belladonna 30C
For neck pain & digital eye strain Cimicifuga 30C
Irritation and burning sensation in the eyes


Euphrasia 30C
To manage double vision Gelsemium 30C
Headaches in Computer Vision Syndrom Natrum Mur 30C
Blurred vision in Computer Vision Syndrome Physostigma 30C
Managing Neck Pain & Stiffness Rhus Tox 30C
Managing eye strain and tired eyes Ruta Gravelons 30C


Information on remedies sourced from Materia Medicas and Internet

Further information can be found here:


Limiting the amount of time of a child’s computer / tablet / phone can and does feel like an impossible task sometimes as many parents can relate to, I am sure, but regular breaks should be encouraged & taken.  

Disclaimer: The information contained within this blog are my own thoughts, experiences, knowledge & research.   If you are concerned in any way about your Child’s vision or health, then always consult your GP or Optician in the first instance. Homeopathic remedies sold at Fountain Therapies are from reputable Homeopathic Pharmcies and are widely available but please remember to support small business.

Blog written by Sam Doyle LSECH, RHOM, MARH. Homeopath & Director at Fountain Therapies.

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