Do you suffer with Migraines? Maybe Acupuncture could help?

Are you a long-term sufferer of headache and migraines? Getting you down? Why not try acupuncture!

Migraine is a primary headache disorder manifesting as recurring attacks, usually lasting for 4 to 72 hours and involving pain of moderate to severe intensity.  Acupuncture is said to help with providing pain relief & reducing inflammation.  Jenny has found people report reduction in reoccurring attacks and severity of symptoms with regular acupuncture treatment.

Jenny sees a range of different people for migraines and headachesCompleting a full medical questionnaire she is able to select the appropriate Acupuncture treatment for you and support you in achieving better management of pain, discomfort, health and wellbeing.

For more information contact us directly and book a consultation with Jenny to discuss how Acupuncture may help you! Or if you have any questions you can contact Jenny directly via email:

Full research fact sheets on migraines are provided from The British Acupuncture Council Fact sheets.  For more info – please visit


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