Combating the fear of Fireworks for animals and children

Remember, Remember….that young children and pets are affected by Fireworks!

Fireworks are not now just limited to 5th November but are let off sporadically during the early evenings in many villages, towns and cities.

Young children and pets are the ones who generally get frightened by the sudden whizzing and
banging sounds of the fireworks being let off. The keywords here are Fear; Nervousness; Anxiety
Homeopathy is there to help in these kinds of acute situations, and below are a few of the many
remedies which you may find useful for your family or friends.

Aconite (Acon) is indicated where the shock comes on suddenly, and a fever comes on suddenly, a
cold may ensue. Anxiety issues

Argentum Nitricum (Arg Nit) – I call this ‘the butterflies in the tummy remedy to my children.’
Where there is anxiety and it is felt in the stomach area. Confusion and loss of mental control under

Gelsemium is useful where there is trembling with fear or phobias and the person is needing to pass
urine. There maybe an inability to sleep.

Kali Carb can be indicated when you are feeling scared stiff, unhappy, irritable, nervous

Kali Phos is great for nursing mothers who are worn out, tired to distraction by nervous babies.
People needing Kali Phos are nervous, weak and easily fatigued. Anxiety with nervous dread.
Passiflora has a quieting effect on the nervous system, and helps with promoting normal sleep in
those who are finding it difficult to sleep. Sleeplessness in screaming children.

Scutellaria is a nervous seditative. It helps with nervous fear. It helps with disturbed sleep and
frightful dreams. Restlessness

People have found the following helpful:

For pets there are remedies that can help them at this time of year, but the easiest way is giving
them SOSessence Flower Formula for Pets

Rigid with fear and anxiety Gelsemium 30C alternating with Helios Acon/Ars/Arg-N 30c
After a sudden shock – Aconite 30C

Of sudden fear and anxiety – Gelsemium 30C

All remedies mentioned in this blog can be obtained from Homeopathic Pharmacies, Homeopaths, and

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