Colours of Nature’s Rich Tapestry

Disclaimer: The contents written here in this document are not to be taken as medical advice or opinion. These are the author’s thoughts, and also that of historical information. If you have any medical ailment then you must consult your primary healthcare practitioner in the first instance for medical diagnosis. Contacting NHS Direct on 111. If in an emergency situation.

Colours of Nature’s Rich Tapestry

As I sit here and write my blog which is long overdue, we are currently as a Nation in our homes trying to help the NHS, trying to help ourselves to avoid this invisible flu virus that has caused many across the World to be seriously ill and sadly some of them pass away.
It seems quite surreal at times. Gatwick Airport is silent. The usual quiet hum of the motorway about 3 quarters of a mile away barely noticeable. The distant rumble of the busy Railway line is silent.

What is now very loud is the joy of Spring, birds are singing away. The dawn chorus and even-song of the birds brings a beautiful melody and comfort. A lot of people have commented on how beautiful it is that the birds are singing. They have always been there, but many people have been too wrapped up in their busy stressful lives, to notice the beauty of the season.

There is a gentle breeze through the trees that are in blossom and new leaves are emerging as we herald in the Spring of 2020. An awakening like no other. One that has caused a lot of joy, yet so much pain and sadness. We have recently celebrated the Spring Equinox, a time of new life and Easter, a time of sorrow and reflection, culminating in joy that Christ rose again, a renewing of life! Your thoughts and belief are of course personal to you, but in any case, what a cornucopia of World of Catastrophic events we have had to endure in the latter part of the last decade, and continuing into a new decade.

Fires and Weather storm systems that have rampaged our lands, causing misery, homelessness, flight cancellations, anxiety, fear to name just a few. Displaced people from Countries still not finding solutions, trauma, injury, hunger and sadly the passing over of souls. Life carries on in rebirth, in nature.

Currently, we have as a Global populous one of the greatest invisible threats that we have seen in 100 years. The weird flu that, I and members of my family had upon our return from America on January 1 st 2020, and many people over the Winter 19/20 period had and continue to have, originated in China. It now has a name COVID-19. Whilst a great many of us are enjoying the sanctity of our homes. There are many Angels in Blue, White, Green, Pink, Lilac uniforms tirelessly and selflessly working in Hospitals and other care facilities around the World, to help save people’s lives.

Hoping beyond hope that their efforts will save the lives of those affected. Many survive but sadly there are many that don’t. The strength and resolve weigh heavily, and the grief is borne for now, but for how much longer. The fear they have is real. You can see it in their eyes. They are so incredibly tired and emotionally drained, Yet this incredible army will win, this battle against this invisible tyrant. Conventional and Complementary Medicine will prevail.

Q. What is the Complementary medicine that can join forces with our valiant Conventional Medicine
A. Homeopathy.

Many people say there is nothing in the Homeopathic remedies – that it is a pseudo-science, a placebo, quackery – amongst other names that have been branded about. It has been vilified. Yet verified as a system of medicine that works in Epidemics and Pandemics. This has been documented as fact over the past two Centuries.

Read these links written by Frans Sheffield a Homeopath in Australia if you would like to do some more research. This is just a small part of the vast amount of research and reports that have been done on Homeopathy over time,

Homeopathy is part of the fabric of many health practices around the World. Governments around the World have Homeopathy in their healthcare systems – i.e. Brazil, India, Mexico, Cuba, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom etc. However, have those people who are quick to mock this natural form of medicine ever tried it?

How do they know it doesn’t work? Have they understood that if something withstands the tests and sands of time (since Hippocrates – the Father of Medicine’s
time), this ‘modern’ method of Homeopathy was discovered in the 18 th Century, by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, wouldn’t have made it this far? That Samuel Hahnemann’s philosophy that a substance which can produce symptoms in a healthy person can cure those symptoms in a sick
person. After noting symptoms down, a remedy is matched as closely to those being exhibited by the patient. The remedy is a minute yet highly diluted dose, so that only nano particles of energy of that substance is left.


These nano particles were never known about until fairly recently. Up until the latter part of the 20th and the early part of the 21 st Century, Scientists said that Homeopathy simply couldn’t work, as how could nothing become / be nothing? However, technology advancements have been able to detect these nano particles fusing with energy. There is also a name for this science – quantum physics. Due to this highly diluted minute delivery method, side effects are avoided as the nano particles of the original substance resonate with the energy that
has been disturbed by external means.

I’ll explain what I mean:

As it is coming up to Hay-fever season (Pollinosis is its other name), a remedy maybe given to help with symptoms of watering eyes, runny nose, sneezing etc and irritation, both in the physical and mental layers. Irritability that the eyes are watering, nose may be running (physical) and the person may be irritable because of the fear that the symptoms will be unbearable. The longer that the symptoms continue there may be sadness that they are suffering (Melancholy) (Mental symptoms).

Q. What vegetable may cause these symptoms in a person who is preparing food?
A. An Onion.

The symptoms of one cutting an Onion can be some of the symptoms that one with Hay fever experiences. Therefore, a remedy made from a Red Onion – Allium Cepa can help with both Hayfever and those who are preparing dinner. The remedy may also help with colds, flu and
pneumonia. The list of symptoms and remedies is vast and is beyond the scope of this blog. Research the vegetable and see how truly amazing onions are, both in its natural state and as a homeopathic remedy.

There are some stores and pharmacies that sell a selection of Homeopathic remedies. The remedies quietly sit there in their regimented lines, just waiting for a customer to select the ones they require. Ready to be called into their healing action.

The remedies Arnica for Bruising or Chamomilla for teething are just two of the many thousands of remedies that Homeopaths can call upon in their prescribing. We treat the person for the totality of the symptoms. Diligently taking notes from the person as they narrate their symptoms, how they express of the ailments, working out which remedy closely matches the symptoms described (repertorization), leading to a remedy that is given. No diagnosis is made. Homeopathy is so much more that just first aid. It is a system of medicine, of healing. It works quietly, making subtle changes to that spark of life that is within us all, our energy centre, or as Homeopaths call it ‘the vital force’, to encourage the body to heal.

Homeopathy resonates on the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical and General layers of our being.

To learn more about the basics of Homeopathy, and how Homeopathy can help you and your families & friends, join me in my 1 st Online Homeopathy for minor ailments course held over 4 Saturdays (max 2 ½ hour sessions) starting on May 2nd 2020.

Contact me for further information.
Email: Telephone 01444 401271.

Please note that this course is not accredited but is for self-development purposes only.

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