This Pandemic – Why in this World are you not considering Homeopathy?

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This Pandemic – Why in this World are you not considering Homeopathy? Every day we are hearing about the plight and deaths of so many people across the World suffering from COVID-19. Questions being asked about how to find treatments, vaccines etc. Just last night (30/4/20) Captain Tom Moore’s 100 th Birthday, a Doctor from Milton [...]

Colours of Nature’s Rich Tapestry

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Disclaimer: The contents written here in this document are not to be taken as medical advice or opinion. These are the author’s thoughts, and also that of historical information. If you have any medical ailment then you must consult your primary healthcare practitioner in the first instance for medical diagnosis. Contacting NHS Direct on 111. If [...]

Homeopathy Awareness Week 10-16th April

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IT’S HOMEOPATHY AWARENESS WEEK! Ever wondered what Homeopathy is all about? (It means Similar Suffering) Here is the definition of Homeopathy in the Cambridge Dictionary Homeopathy is a system of treating diseases in which sick people are given very small amounts of natural substances that, in healthy people, would produce the same effects as the diseases [...]

Combating the fear of Fireworks for animals and children

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Remember, Remember....that young children and pets are affected by Fireworks! Fireworks are not now just limited to 5th November but are let off sporadically during the early evenings in many villages, towns and cities. Young children and pets are the ones who generally get frightened by the sudden whizzing and banging sounds of the fireworks being let [...]

Top Homeopathic remedies for your First Aid kit

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Top Homeopathic remedies for your First Aid kit We all know that prevention is better than cure and Homeopathy excels in this area, but what about those times when a little emergency appears - when you need something quickly to help resolve that issue? Then take a look at our top homeopathic remedies that everyone should [...]

Top 5 Homeopathic Medicines to help Lose Weight

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Top 5 Homeopathic Medicines to Lose Weight Weight loss can be a taboo subject for many - Diets promise so much and can deliver results, but requires normally a life change in eat and drinking habits. Diets are also very good at telling us what we cannot eat rather than what we an eat, and a [...]

Now Homeopathic remedies can help fight the Grey!

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Now Homeopathic remedies can help fight the Grey! Most people who go grey early have nothing more to worry about than their appearance. Early greying makes a person look years older than the actual age and can be quite a concern and an embarrassment for some people. In fact, in today's society, greyness is almost becoming [...]

Fight hayfever and allergies with Homeopathy

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Fight hayfever and allergies with Homeopathy If you suffer from hayfever or seasonal allergies the best way to survive the hayfever season is by boosting your immune system to reduce your allergic response and using “support homeopathic acute remedies” to help with immediate relief of existing symptoms. Spring and summer can be a time of despair for hayfever and [...]