Aura Photography Day Wednesday 16th May 11.00am-4.00pm

Are you interested in what your Aura (energy field) means?   What is Kirylian Photography?  Let us explain, In 1939 a Russian Electrician, Semyon Kirlian discovered a way of producing an image of the electromagnetic field which is around every living thing.  This is also known as the Aura.  By placing your hands on a special hand plate, a photograph is taken of the resulting ‘interference pattern’ of energy.  Monica uses her psychic ability to tell you what the Aura means to you and then uses beautiful angel cards to give you a more in depth reading.

We are delighted that Monica Jane Wade is coming to Fountain Therapies on May 16th 2018 to do Kirylian photography and card readings from 11 am to 4 pm.

If you are curious about your future etc then to make an appointment call 01444 401271. Places are going fast.   £45 for 30 minute including the photograph, Aura print out and reading. £10 Deposit to secure your slot, this can be paid via our website  once we receive your payment we will call you, within 24 hours, to book your slot time.

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