Allergic Rhinitis / Hay fever & Acupuncture – Spring is coming!

Acupuncture Practitioner, Crawley, West Sussex

It’s the time of year we have all been waiting for.  The lighter evenings beginning, more sunshine and that fantastic 4 day bank holiday called Easter on the horizon.  However for some this also means starting to think about the beginning of Hay fever season!

So, your first thought is too stock up on those antihistamines and try that top tip of eating local honey religiously to see if you can curb your symptoms.  But have you ever considered Acupuncture?

Studies have shown that Acupuncture may be a safe and effective treatment for allergic rhinitis (perennial and seasonal) and relieve symptoms similar efficacy to antihistamines.

Acupuncture may help to relieve pain and congestion in people with allergic rhinitis helping you to enjoy those spring and summer months.

Jenny sees a range of different people for Allergic Rhinitis / Hay fever. Completing a full medical questionnaire she is able to select the appropriate Acupuncture treatment for you and support you in achieving better management of pain, discomfort, health and wellbeing.

For more information contact us directly and book a consultation with Jenny to discuss how Acupuncture may help you! Or if you have any questions you can contact Jenny directly via email:

Full research fact sheets on Allergic Rhinitis are provided from The British Acupuncture Council Fact sheets.  For more info – please visit

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