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Physiospect, Crawley, West Sussex

This software tool may be able to detect and analyze the strengths and weaknesses in the human body.Ailments may be years from a conventional diagnosis. Physiospect software finds out how stressed an organ is, and if there are any diseases developing. This could be helpful in acute and chronic states that evade diagnosis. Micro-organisms & Parasites that not have been detected by a conventional blood test, might be picked up by the Physiospect.

The device scans each organ or tissue on a cellular level. It compares the measurements to a database of thousands of referenced conditions and their diagnosis. Physiospect uses a laser to modulate the carrier frequency for the cell communication and it uses special readers built into headphones to read the cells own signals. (In a nutshell, the brain receives the correct signals to send healing energy to the affected part.)

After the scan and treatment (if any is required), the client is advised to drink plenty of water during the day, as this helps the vibrational therapy to resonate with the healing response. They are also advised during the session, if there is a chronic ailment that they are not aware of, to speak to the Medical Practitioner at their earliest convenience.

Physiospect does not provide specific medical advice, and is not engaged in providing medical and professional services. Use of Physiospect does not replace medical consultations with a qualified health or medical professional to meet health and medical

For Alternative Therapists, the Physiospect displays the following options to use during a treatment:

Meta-therapy (Magnetic Therapy); Homeopathy; Crystal Therapy, Phytotherapy, TCM; Allopathy (this gives a list of conventional drugs that may be helpful in a clients path to better health. Of course, these can only be prescribed by a Medical Healthcare Practitioner).

per 30 Minutes


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