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Nutritional Science, Crawley, West Sussex

Nutritional science and dietary education is an evidence based field of healthcare that uses the Functional Medicine approach, which addresses the underlying causes of biochemical imbalances in our body. This approach considers the diagnosis given by a doctor but also seeks to provide an in-depth analysis of the root causes and an individual tailored program.

Nutrition and health care Practitioners recognise that we are all individual with a different genetic makeup, lifestyle, stress levels, family history and personalities. We also consider factors such as environmental exposures to toxins, travel history and profession. All these factors make nutritional requirements unique.

Nutrition practitioners are trained to assess your nutritional needs and guide you through dietary changes, nutritive supplemental programs and lifestyle adaptation that will help you achieve wellbeing that is best suited to your individual needs and circumstances.

A nutrition assessment includes the use of appropriate tests and observations such as case history, body measurements, physical signs, laboratory tests and nutrition/lifestyle analysis to determine a nutrition programme.



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